Relax with a Boracay Lamp From Baclaran


I’m currently enjoying my large Boracay Lamp. I got one recently for the relaxing effect and mostly because I’m tired of the usual fluorescent light at work and the super bright white light at home.

I got mine really cheap for 350. The nice old lady from baclaran sells the huge ones for 400 but gave me gift bucks as a discount. I was with Kate my master price negotiator friend and I could have asked her to help bring the price down but I didn’t because I wanted to bless the old lady. I’m not the kind of person that feels good when I haggle the price to the point the seller almost doesn’t make any money. I believe I am blessed to bless others but that’s just how I am.

You can get one from her too in Baclaran. Near the church. At the entrance of the Redemptorist street I you’re coming from Roxas Boulevard.

Do you have a lamp you enjoy? Share it in the comments below. 20111212-222839.jpg