Top Three Funeral Service Providers in Quezon City 2018

There was a recent death in the family and I’m assigned to canvass for service providers.

I went online to search for providers.

Here are the three that I found.

Note: These rates are from June 2018.

Here are some notes about the service providers that we considered:

Since the Philippines is a dominantly Catholic country, we wanted to make sure that the service provider was okay with a Christian service. So all three of these service providers said that they are good with having a Christian funeral service at their location.

All the service providers offered the same services.

Funeral service packages covers:

Some Notes:

Please remember to prepare the clothes.

No alcohol and cooking at the location.

Settle the payment day before the day of internment.

You provide your own pastor/priest.

La Funeraria Paz

Also known as Funeraria Paz, this is among the most popular locations and is situated in a convenient location.

Located in Araneta corner of Quezon ave.

They charge a minimum of Php 80,000 for senior citizen. That’s about $1,600.

Chapel viewing is for five days with 30 seating capacity with air conditioning.

Contact information is 7495374.

Contact person is Obet Cervantez.

Link to La Funeraria Paz website.

Arlington Memorial Chapels

Contact person is the Funeral Director Ricky 09188081111 or landline is 7131111.

The cost of the packages that they offered is:

Php 195,000 Five days at chapel and location will be on the ground floor 60-70 seating capacity + premium casket.

Php 95,000 Five days at chapel and location will be on the 2nd Floor 40 seating capacity and a metal casket.

Php 76,000 Five days at chapel and location will be on the 2nd Floor 40 seating capacity and a wood casket.

These prices quoted are already with a 20% senior citizen discount.

Arlington’s service was pretty good. They were very accommodating and considerate in the inquiry process. Their price is high but the service is good. All our requests were accommodated. The place comes with relatively fast wifi access.

Link to Arlington Memorial’s Website

Loyola Memorial Marikina

Loyola is really popular. It is also a memorial park. I have friends and family buried here.

We considered Loyola because it’s what we intend to be the internment location.

Contact person is Gerald 09175811447. Their phone number is 9413611.

The cost of their package is:

Php 70,000 regular price and Php 50,000 for senior citizen.

Casket is made from wood and the color is white.

The viewing service chapel can accommodate 20-30 people and the package allows four days viewing.

Internment at their location is Php 26,000 if you already have a lot in their location.

At the time of this writing you can expect to spend Php 200,000 or so for a premium lot.

We ended up going with Arlingon for the viewing location because of convenience and Loyola with the internment.

Here’s a side by side comparison in a spreadsheet.