Simple Ketogenic Meal Ideas in Manila

Here are some meal ideas.

Ground beef stir fry in tomato sauce and onions.

Stir fry groundbeef and add salt, pepper, chopped onions and once you are satisfied with the doneness, mix in tomato sauce or paste.

Lettuce and Japanese mayo.

Wash lettuce, add Japanese Mayo.

Meat dish.

Locally known as “Ulam”. Most Filipino Meat dish is good as long as you stay away from starchy vegetables and sweet sauce. (Usually beef or pork stew in onions and soy sauce)

Beef stir fry.

Heat pan on medium, add beef, some salt or soy sauce stir fry until cooked to your desired donness.

Buttered Broccoli

Stir fry broccoli on butter.

Scrambled egg with cheese and butter.

Add cheese and butter to scrambled egg.

Boiled Chicken.

Boil chicken in salted water. You can also steam vegetables in this process.

Steamed cabbage with butter.

Steam cabbage and add butter when done cooking.

Sardines or Tuna in olive oil.

Instant convenicence.

Mozzarella or Cream cheese.

Preferrably these ingredients are added to a dish, however if you have no time for meal prep, you can eat these as a whole.