Heaven's Barbecue Mayapis Buendia Area Makati


Heaven’s barbecue is a place I’ve been seeing for a long time but haven’t had a chance to go to so yesterday I was on my way to an errand and it was it was along the way so I finally ended up eating there.

I initially thought that heaven’s barbecue is one of those really cheap barbecue places similar to Yoohoo in Eastwood because of how it looks from the outside. Turns out Heavens barbecue is one of those midrange barbecue places. A stick of barbecue’s worth 28 bucks so it’s not too cheap and it’s not too expensive that one of the things that I can vouch for is that barbecue’s are pretty good it’s not all fat which is nice especially if you’re trying to reduce the amount of pork fat intake.

When I went there, I ordered a barbecue rice topping which was moderately sweet like most of Filipino based barbecue which is pretty good and for 99 bucks I think it’s worth it.

If you’re in the area, you could find heavens barbecue in near Mayapis-Buendia area of Makati near the tennis court.