All Day Breakfast At Guernica's at SM BF

My brother and were about to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past when we found out that the next showing was in an hour so we decided to grab something to eat somewhere we’ve never been before. We used to see Guernica’s Tapas Bar at Santana Grove then we saw it move to SM BF. So we decided to give their all day breakfast a try.

The ambiance was a typical Spanish restaurant and is bright and family oriented.

We ordered a tapa meal.

The tapa had nice large chunks.

I’m happy with the way the egg is cooked.

There was a service blooper that they corrected immediately and I’m impressed by the fact that they put in an effort into improving the level of service as soon as the error was brought to their attention.

The tapa meal was about Php 120 which isn’t bad considering the place is a lot nicer to stay and talk than a fast food.

My brother notes that the meal was filling and the rice was only slightly warm. The egg whites were well cooked. The waiters were hospitable and attentive.

I’m quite impressed. I’ll eat here again.