Lose Weight By Eating This Tasty Meal for Lunch Every Weekday

Eat the same meals over and over again. According to a study done by best selling author and human test subject, Tim Ferriss a common factor in the top performing athletes with the lowest amount of body fat is that they eat the same meals over and over again.

There’s a difference when working to get results and working for leisure. In the case of eating, I’m picking this approach because it works so this is one of the meals I eat most of the time.

Spicy Sausage herb Bean/Lentil dish.



  1. Seed and chop chili set aside.
  2. Finely or roughly chop onions garlic and tomatoes.
  3. Heat the pan and add olive oil, grape seed oil or any cooking oil.
  4. Remove skin from sausage, crumble until browned and add to pan until brown.
  5. Add chili, garlic, and onion and add the tomatoes then 3/4th of the herbs.
  6. Stir in the beans/lentils and top with herbs.

I eat this everyday for lunch. I eat as much as I want until I’m full. Every time I make this I do my best to make one for two meals for either lunch or dinner. You can pre chop the chili and the sausage to minimize work if you eat this everyday. You can batch freeze the tomatoes and so on so the preparation will require less than ten minutes.

This meal was prepared with the principles from the slow carb diet from the four hour body in mind. The recipe was inspired by watching Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay videos everyday.

I tested this for the past three years and I lost between 15-25lbs in the span of 4-6 weeks consistently and back then I didn’t know how to cook so I just ate a boiled version which was absolutely disgusting and eventually made me quit. So I learned how to cook and this is the most beautiful filling, slow carb meal I’ve ever eaten.

Have you tried doing the slow carb diet in the Philippines? What’s your experience? Share your meals in the comments below.