Hong Kong Style Dimsum and Noodle House

I’ve been seeing this place a lot on my way to work. A few weeks ago, my new friend had a craving for it so I decided to bring her and investigate.

As we entered Hong Kong Style Dimsum and Noodle House, the place gave of an upscale fast food feel to it.

The prices were a cross between a fast food and a restaurant chain. We ordered Beef and Wanton mami and a couple of plates siomai. It’s a good alternate to Chowking. Siomai Wanton Noodles Beef Noodles

My friend doesn’t like spicy food but this time she tried adding chili oil to her siomai. It was hilarious.

The food was pretty good for the price a snack for two is just a bit over Php 200.

Hong Kong Dimsum and Noodle House can be found at Pasong tamo just near the Jaka Building.

Trivia: Name: Hong Kong Style Dimsum and Noodles Location: Pasong Tamo Makati What we Tried: Siomai, Beef and Wanton Noodles Budget: Php 200 for a snack of two Model: Myrtle Turtle