A Short Post on Chefs Siomai The Best Siomai Stall

The best siomai stall I’ve ever tried is Chef’s Siomai. You can get 4 large siomai for about Php30. So far Chef’s siomai offer the meatiest and largest siomai among the stalls I’ve tried in the same price category. I often go here for a quick snack before or after church. Chef’s siomai has a nice selection of siomai and my usual includes an order of chef’s siomai and Japanese siomai. The chili is really spicy so try a little first before asking for more. You also might want to grab some drinks while you’re at it. There’s often a long line. Ordering drinks with a burning mouth after waiting in line is not an experience you’d want. The staff are polite so be nice to them. If you’re up for some other siomai try the quail egg siomai.

Here’s my usual. I already had a couple. I was hungry when I took this.

More Details:

Name: Chef’s Siomai Location: 3rd Floor Robinson’s Pioneer Mandaluyong City Near The Food Court and Victory Pioneer Price: Php 30 per order of siomai. Skip the rice and order two siomai instead. You’ll thank me.

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