Why I Stopped Getting My Meals From Eateries

I previously recommended local eateries but I’m never eating in one again.

Eateries are the ideal places for cheap meals. You can find one almost anywhere. You can get a snack or a meal with the budget of $1-2 or so.

Halfway through my favorite dish at my favorite eatery close to where I work I found an earthworm. I couldn’t finish the replacement because all I could think of was wanting to puke. I didn’t want to start a scene so I took a photo of the worm and had my meal replaced. They replaced my meal immediately.

I told my work mates not to eat there anymore and showed them the photo. A few weeks later someone from the office shared a similar experience.

Its a gamble actually. Sometimes eateries are not clean. I went to a Tapsihan (a place where they serve fried beef eggs and rice) and found a small cockroach in my rice. They refunded my meal. I couldn’t eat anymore. I was risking something by being cheap.

I know I’ll eventually move on and maybe eat in a different one should I move somewhere else.

I eat in these kinds of places because they’re cheaper and (hopefully) they use less oil and salt than fast food restaurants. Now I’m not eating in these kinds of places.

There’s also an embarrassing fact you can learn from the photo. I’ll leave it to the forensics to discover. Write down what you see in the comments below.

How am I coping?

I make my own food. It’s far better. I’m restarting my slow carb diet. What’s that? I’ll tell you in my next few post.