How To Slowly Start A Meat Based Diet

My favorite minimalist lifestyle writer wrote a guide for people who want to explore a vegetable based diet. While I don’t agree what he eats, his approach is how I transitioned from a standard diet to an all meat diet. So I copied his advice and replaced all the vegetables with meat.

Here goes.

The Weekly Mini-Challenges

Here are the mini-challenges (you do not have to do all of these, just pick one per week):

  1. Adding healthy things:

Eat one serving of beef at lunch/dinner (pick one meal) Add one more serving of beef to lunch/dinner (pick one meal) Eat beef for breakfast Eat beef and meat products for a snack Eat bone marrow for a snack Eat a healthy protein for dinner/lunch Eat a protein-filled breakfast Have a egg scramble with beef for breakfast Drink Apple Cider Vinegar and salt in water in the morning or afternoon (pick one) Add healthy fats like butter to your meals. Eat a beef heart or liver for lunch every day.

  1. Changing your approach:

Learn a couple new recipes this week Eat at home more (add a couple of nights to whatever amount you normally eat at home) Decide on healthy items to order before you go out to eat with friends. Bring healthy food to a pot-luck party or work gathering. Cook your healthy food in big batches and eat during the week. Eat slowly and stop before you’re full. Don’t eat after 8 p.m. Set portion sizes and try sticking to them. Don’t eat if you’re not actually hungry. Try for high-volume, lower-calorie foods: beef, organ meat, than white starches, vegetables, bread and fries.

  1. Cutting out unhealthy things (look at what you do now, and set a target that’s lower):

Eat beef instead of one of the sweets you normally eat. Drink coffee instead of soda. Cut out sugar. Cut back on the number of alcoholic drinks you have each day by one. Eat less pastries, bread and other white flour. Eat less fried foods. Switch from white rice to brown rice. Eat less fast food. Bring a healthy lunch to work instead of eating fast food. Try steak instead of sweet cereal. Switch from processed meats (sausages, bacon, etc.) to real meat, or fish.

  1. Hardcore stuff (a few people asked for some suggestions):

Try eating one meal a day with no carbs. Try eating one meal a day with no plant-based ingredient. Consume raw dairy or egg intake (instead of using soymilk or almond milk on your cereal, for example). Try cooking with steak, ground beef, or ribs. Try some awesome raw beef recipes. If it sounds easy and you’re already used to keto food, try the 7-Day Carnivore Challenge.

Not every change listed above for everyone. Find changes that feel right to you, as I know not everyone agrees with everything I’ve listed.

What is healthy for you will be different than what is healthy for me. I believe in a Carnivore diet (out of compassion for humans) and try to eat whole foods as much as I can (but not religiously). That doesn’t mean you have to do that.

The one thing I believe is in trying to get foods that are full of nutrients — beef, organ meats, lamb and sea food. — and eat less of the foods that are mostly empty of nutrients (processed foods, white bread and sugar, fried foods). Again, you don’t have to be religious about it — I eat cookies and French fries just like most normals every now and then!