Eighteen Reason You'll Love PR City CrossFit

PR City CrossFit is the best CrossFit gym inside BF Homes Parañaque.

Since 2015, I have been enrolling in a CrossFit gym and joining CrossFit workouts.

I admit I’m not consistent.

Life happens.

And in the past few years, death, hospitalizations and financial issues have prevented me from going a full year of doing CrossFit.

But every year I give it a shot.

Then I’m able to workout for six months.

And fall off for approximately another six months.

But I keep trying.

I’ve gotten a lot of benefit working out at PR City.

I put a before and after photo of myself at the bottom of the page.


I started out at PR City CrossFit as a client, then became a Box Manager for a couple of years and then back to being a client.

Reason 1: Warm Workout Community

The people of PR City CrossFit are warm and encouraging.

When you’re there, you’ll workout more consistently.

You’ll perform your best in a workout.

You’ll get the most out of your visit.

Reason 2: Small Class Size

A typical class size is around six students.

On a full day it goes to around eight to ten.

If you’re new to CrossFit or fitness in general, that’s a good thing.

The coach can focus on you and correct your form as you learn how to execute the basic CrossFit movements perfectly.

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Reason 3: Competitive athletes to train with.

Despite being a small box, PR City CrossFit is home to amazing athletes.

All our coaches have done well at several local competitions and have trained several of our box members to produce the same results.

Even our casual CrossFitters have done extremely well and we’re proud of their achievements.

If you’re interested in being a CrossFit athlete just approach one of our coaches and we’ll provide you with additional guidance.

Dumbbell and Clock.

Reason 4: PR City CrossFit is Located in the Heart of BF

PR City CrossFit, is located at #283 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque.

If you’re not too familiar with BF Homes, here are some nearby establishments that you can use as landmarks to find PR City CrossFit:

I’m able to accomplish my workout before or after my work.

I am also able to do my daily errands because the location is really convenient.

I usually just take my bike going to PR City.

Reason 5: Supportive Teammates

The members people at PR City CrossFit have been incredibly supportive.

With their help I have been able to go beyond my perceived physical limitations.

Reason 6: Constantly Varied Functional Movements

CrossFit teaches movements that make you stronger in “real life”.

Instead of being able to bench press 400 lbs or some impressive but not very useful physical feats, you are able to gain the ability to easily lift a reasonable amount of weight.

The Farmer’s walk/carry helps you get used to carrying roughly 50 lbs on each hand.

The Deadlift and Back Squat have helped me lift and carry people to and from the hospital.

Although sometimes, doing burpees, jumping on boxes, throwing 20 pound balls running around, doing pull-ups and climbing up ropes feel like I enrolled in a hero training program.

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Reason 6: Fun activities planned all year round

The box has activities planned all year round.

We participate in events organized by Affiliate Alliance, a local CrossFit community like the Fittest Individual and Team Competitions.

We participate in the CrossFit Open and a lot of other CrossFit events like CrossFit Total and other tests of strength around the Philippines.

We join Obstacle Course Races like the Spartan Race, Guerrilla Race and Tough Mudder.

We join fun runs and trail runs.

We also have members organizing hikes, game night, parties and trips to the beach.

Reason 7: Focus on continuity, sustainability so you can achieve your fitness goals.

The coaches want you doing your best.

But the first rule in coaching at PR City is zero injuries.

Because they want you to get the most of the program.

They want you coming back three to four times a week.

They want you recovering properly.

They’ll hold you back, or ask you to dial back a little if you are pushing too hard and risking yourself open to injury.

Reason 8: Simple Easy to Use Equipment

PR City, isn’t cluttered with equipment that nobody uses.

PR City’s gear get used often.

PR City has:

And that’s it. This makes the workouts simple and consistent.

Reason 9: Less Gear More Mastery

PR City doesn’t have all the CrossFit toys.

But our athletes are a little stronger at lifting, gymnastics, running.

Basically, all the gear that we have.

Because we get more practice with the primary CrossFit skills and movements and are less distracted by the other “nice to have” CrossFit skills and movements.

Reason 10: Competitive training Program

PR City has consistently brought out the “inner athlete” from many people I’ve met.

Several people who typically just work in the office and previously never worked out is able to compete and perform well at many CrossFit events.

I’m proud of these friends.

I’m not particularly competitive or consistent but I’ve been able to do well because of all the training that I have received.

This is a video of me joining CrossFit Total, held at CrossFit Katipunan.

Reason 11: Budget Friendly Rates

PR City CrossFit has the most affordable rate that I can find at any CrossFit box.

Typically a CrossFit class would cost anywhere from $20 a session or $100 to $150 a month.

PR City CrossFit typically offers promotional rates for new members and if you go more than three times a week, the monthly membership rates gets more affordable the longer you commit to your training.

Reason 12: Coaches with Diverse Skill Sets

Most of the CrossFit coaches enjoy weightlifting. Each of the coaches have a unique training style that will encourage you to achieve your fitness targets. All of the coaches are great ate working with beginners at learning the basics.

Coach Nolan is a “monster” in local competitions always joining the podium of local CrossFit competitions but trains in a very relaxed, fun, beginner friendly manner that favors consistency and incremental improvements over crazy or risky training styles.

Coach Jumbo is another competitive coach that appears intimidating at first, but is actually very knowledgeable in fitness and does great work at “scaling” movements to match the person’s present fitness abilities which makes him popular with the new clients. He is also the When In Manila’s top five male fitness instructors who will make you want to work out more.

Coach Raymond explains fitness concepts well to beginners and shares best weightlifting practices, gymnastics and some bodybuilding practice for people interested in building a beach body for the summer.

Coach Ada is a recently certified L1 CrossFit coach. What’s great about her is that she has recently unlocked several of the movements herself so she is able to better share instructions from personal experience and offers a fresh perspective on how to unlock several of the more difficult CrossFit movements.

Reason 13: Partner Boxes

When you sign up with PR City CrossFit you can also workout for free at any of the partner boxes.

These are:

  1. CrossFit Ortigas
  2. CrossFit Katipunan (Quezon City)
  3. CrossFit Insurrecto (Quezon City)

So if you’re in any of these areas, you can just drop in at the usual schedules and you’ll never have to worry about missing a workout.

Reason 14: Affiliate Alliance Member

Pay an extra Php 600 and you’ll be able to join one session a week in any of the Affiliate Alliance member CrossFit boxes.

Reason 15: Convenient Schedule

I like the schedule they have available.

Weekday AM Classes:

Weekday PM Classes:

Saturdays and Holidays:

Reason 17: Open Gym Schedule

If you miss a class you can still work out on your own.

Reason 18: First Time is Free!!!

You can book a free trial on their Facebook page or visit their official website for more information.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a training program and sport that uses the best practices of different fitness disciplines like weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing.

Training consists of high intensity over a short period workout that is constantly varied functional movements that means it makes you stronger in real life and is is packed into an hour that covers the stretching and warm-up, skill and strength work and the main workout.

Questions to Consider

What do I bring?

Bring an extra shirt, some water and a full change of clothes if you have another appointment after the workout.

Refreshments are available for sale at the box and there is a nearby Mini Stop and Starbucks.

Bring a friend and get fit together.

If you don’t have a friend to workout with, the box will provide you with new friends.

Do I need to be strong or fit to do CrossFit?

No. CrossFit movements can be adjusted to match your existing fitness level and you start with “what you can do” and progress to “more challenging” versions of a movement once you get stronger.

How long is a CrossFit class?

A CrossFit class lasts for an hour.

How many times a week should I train in CrossFit?

It depends on your fitness goals. Many people have achieved great results with going three times a week.

But if you can only do one or two sessions a week that’s fine too.

One is way better than zero.

Is there a specific CrossFit diet?

Not really. We do recommend you eat more natural foods like fruits and vegetables as well as meat and fish. It is also recommended that you limit you sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Will I become an athlete if I join your box?

Only if you want to. You can set your personal targets and the coach can guide your work out so you can achieve those targets. Some people go five times a week and some people only go once a week or every other week. You do what works for you.

How do I commute to PR City CrossFit?

Take the Caltex Jeepney Terminal at Sucat, take the jeep that goes into BF going to Lopez. Get off at Tides Bar and Grill. PR City is just in front of Tides. You’ll see the sign. If you’re in any of the BF Entrances like Lopez Gate or The entrance in front of Wilcon, just take the trike.

Will I get too muscular?

Only if you want to. Those muscle-bound bodies require a very specific diet, supplement and workout protocol. CrossFit is designed to get you fit and performing well physically. Aesthetic changes to the body require extra work.

Here’s a before after photo:

Bathroom Mirror Selfie.