Sencha is a Relaxing Place for Colorful Sweet Drinks, Koreans and Fast Internet




I sometimes have trouble working at home. With mom streaming Korean soap operas the internet is really slow. One day I decided to take my laptop and went out to look for a place to type in peace.

I called Mau and asked her to hang out. I fiddled with my computer and typed in the stories for my blog. Sencha has a colorful selection of milk teas and drinks. The place was clean and the service was good and at around six pm a few cute Koreans came in.

She eventually arrived and we setup her iPhone with books and apps. The wifi was amazingly fast at 5mbps.

I’m not really a good judge of cakes but it’s pretty sweet but not too sweet. The drink is pretty good it’s like drinking tea flavored cake and ice cream.

Sen Cha