Expand Your Borders

I started traveling lately. I haven’t been for a while. All I did the past few months was go to work then home and stay in front of a computer. I don’t like it but I stayed home for no particular reason. Eventually the ideas stopped and the depression hit then things started to fell apart.

If you are not growing you are dying.

I became scared of travel. I don’t know why. I always did without a second thought. Traveling is expensive I tell myself. You don’t have time. You have responsibilities.

These are excuses that couldn’t stop me before. If you apply Parkinsons Law to your life, you get more done in less time if you give yourself a reasonably small block of time to complete a task. If you don’t use your money to travel now you will spend it on things you regret like the overpriced coffee or fast food meals you used to treat yourself because you were so stressed. The cost of short range travel is the commute and what you eat when you get there and it’s not too different from eating out.

I posted on facebook that I wanted to go somewhere random. Invite me and I’ll visit you.

A blogger friend from Quezon City responded. We hung out at SM North Edsa. Its interesting because SM North is the opposite end of the train station that I’m from (I live in Paranaque by the way).

I write this while standing on the train. My head filled with ideas and excited on things I can share. I am late but it’s cool.

What have you been afraid to do?

Start going as far as you comfortably can.

Apply the minimum effective dose.

Take another step.

As little as possible if you’re not comfortable.

I see another pattern. I see more things to come. I see myself being more comfortable outside doing something than sitting at home in front of my computer and watching facebook posts scroll by.

This is going to be awesome.

Let’s travel together.