2014 Personal Projects and What I'm currently in to

Here are some things I’m in to right now.

  1. Slow Carb Diet. Since I started working, I neglected my body. I'm 28 as I write this and I no longer have my fast metabolism nor any possible genetic advantages. I'm also overweight. I used Tim Ferriss' strategies from the book "The Four Hour Body" like the "Slow Carb Diet" to improve my diet and food choices. To keep things short I avoid white carbs, fruits and liquid calories six days a week and eat as much of it as I want on Saturdays. I keep myself sane by eating more protein and vegetables.
  2. Going to the gym. I lost 20-25lbs on the slow carb diet. The thing is I only shrink. Losing weight and fat does not guarantee a good looking body. I go to the gym to shape my body but since I started I've been more interested in increasing my strength and fighting abilities. I spend about 40 minutes working out and about 10 minutes hitting the bag. I hope I meet new friends who will sharpen my abilities. If all goes well I'll be writing about something you'd never expect me to post here.
  3. Micro-Travelling. In a recent post, I talked about how I'm doing small scale travel. I actually already started. Since I told myself that money is not an excuse to not travel, I started by visiting friends then moved toward visiting friends who lived out of town and exploring what's in their location.
  4. Learning to cook. Eating fried eggs, boiled lentils and spinach everyday for more than a couple of months will take a toll on you. To avoid springing back to my regular fast food diet, I started to
  5. Gardening. Since I'm spending a considerable amount of money buying herbs, I felt that it woul

Here’s my not to do list:

  1. Businesses and other ventures. In the past I made a mistake of jumping in to whatever opportunities that presents its self. Although it led to much learning
  2. A regular or weekly group for more than a few months. I've joined groups to learn abilities and so on. My biggest time wasters is I've stayed in relationships even if it is no longer mutually beneficial. An example is a bible study group where all people talked about struggling with the question "to masturbate or not to masturbate" and whether "people had free will or choice or did God pick their choices for them too" which leads to eternal debates that go no where. I also once joined a club for entrepreneurs where "mostly my fault" I attended more training than conducted business activities.