5 Ways to Save a Girl From Being Treated Like Trash

I wanted to say shit but I’m learning to control my tongue these days.

There’s an epidemic where girls we like get treated like trash by guys who act like dicks and nice guys like us are left in the cold where we only get lucky with girls who we only slightly like but don’t like as much as the ones we really like. like badboys and badtreatment Here’s my observation:

Girls don’t like to hear you telling them you like them. In my, experience, the only reason I think I can get close to highly desirable girls is because I expressed disinterest. There are exceptions like when they like you before you liked them or if you’re as good looking as a male celebrity. The equivalent of telling a girl you met that you like her is like flashing her your penis in a public place.

You don’t tell a pretty girl you just met lets make babies. Although that might eventually be your goal no girl in the right mind will date you for that matter. -Kevin Olega (in keep your goals a secret)

Here are some of the techniques I use.

  1. Be disinterested. The more you show interest in a girl the more you shoo the away. That's a fact.If I have a girlfriend at the time and I'm not interested in other girls, it's interesting how girls flock to me. The decent ones become friends and the bimbos try to pull me to them because I'm really disinterested with them. Act disinterested, especially with a girl that you like.
  2. Tell them the truth that nobody tells them. Don't do what everyone does and flatter them. Don't tell them you like them. You're not that easy. Tell them the truth that nobody tells them. Alert her with her weakness and where she sucks. Tell her why you hate her and what you don't like a about her. You are not allowed to compliment her until you point out something she sucks at.
  3. Show you're valuable, reliable and useful. You're the only person telling her the truth. Some girls initially dig the idiot who will just bang her then leave her. You're not that kind of guy and she's not your kind of girl. Just continue to work on yourself.
  4. To attract, you must be attractive. You become attractive by the person you become. Get better at what you do and add skills that girls like. In fact...
  5. Keep a not of what kind of girls you like and what they like. While all girls are different, it would be nice to know that you're the kind of guy with all those abilities so that eventually if she asks you what you can do your answer will be, <strong>almost anything</strong>.

Man up, get in range then be disinterested. You can tell them that you like them eventually. Make her like you first.