Gay Necrophelia Animal Sex and What You're Convinced To Be True

2013-09-06 08.39.55

I had a conversation with a colleague about my status at work. You see, I, along with a couple of people are the last survivors of our training batch at work. We started as a group of 26 and there are three of us left. It’s only been six months since we started.

You see, some people had attitude problems. They complained about the work and the house rules. Some of them say the bosses are being jerks. Some of them gave comparisons to their past work culture and house rules. Nobody ever told them that different houses have a different set of house rules. As they complained, 23 of 26 ended up quitting early, failing to do the work needed, intentionally going against house rules (that got them fired) and giving up on the work. Some of them actually get paid a nice salary, need the money, have things going for them, but ended up losing the job. From where I’m standing, the complainers seem to have infected the others and as a result the others left or were let go.

As I told my colleague that, he told me I must have been amazing to be left standing. I told him that, me and a fellow survivor didn’t stay with the training batch as soon as we were deployed. Instead, we associated with other skillful people and as a result we had good results at work.

I didn’t want to be affected by the attitude problem so I stuck with people who were always positive.

You need to be careful about what you are convinced with. Whether something is true in reality or not, what you believe in will affect you and how you live your life.

Some people say that they are gay and they want a guy on guy or girl on girl relationship. As far as I know there is no physical need to have that. A penis responds to lady parts and the opposite is true. Everything else seems to be an acquired taste. It’s comparable to necrophelia when someone wants to have sex with a corpse or with animals. When I was younger I stumbled on a site where people had sex with animals. People took dumps on each others chests and proceeded literally making out while eating shit. Some people are convinced that their preference is okay as long as they’re not hurting others. That’s what they believe.

Be careful or selective about what you believe. It will influence how you live you life.