Baguio Broke Travel Adventure

In the past, I wrote about an idea to start broke travel adventures. Although I currently have no plans to be a full time travel blogger or food blogger. Here’s one of the stories from one of my trips.

Baguio Broke Travel Adventure

My workmate’s wedding was held in Baguio and it was my first time to go there so I decided not to pass the opportunity up. We left Friday night and got there dawn, Saturday, it was a long and, toward the end, a bumpy ride for me but it was all good.

We stayed at the Medrano’s apartelle which was owned by my workmate’s friend’s family. It’s a great place to be if you’re going out as a large group such as a medium sized family or a big barkada. The room we stayed in has four small bedrooms, a living room, dining and kitchen area and one bathroom with hot water. Most of their available places seem to have a similar area.

The place offers free wifi in their homey feeling lobby and the place is basically pleasing to the eyes wherever you look.

I like how they handled the little things well. The blanket and the pillow seems to be the perfect size for me.

Bring your own towel, soap, shampoo and toiletries because they do not provide it. There is a nearby store however where you can buy those for the typical store price. Use a small microfiber towel for a lighter load.

The good thing about going to a place where a friend invited you is that you’ll have somebody who offers to cover for your food, lodging, transportation or whatever hassle the travel might incur most of the time if not all the time. The Baguio area has a lot of places to eat sleep and transport yourself anyway so you wouldn’t find it troublesome to go there by yourself without a guide.

Now I’m inspired to vagabond there for a solo adventure.

Going back. Baguio has become modern so places like Jolibee’s and McDonalds and 711 and Andok’s and Mini Stops. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing because it’s convenient to grab a bite or to get an item usually found in the cities in Baguio but it’s a bad thing because it’s eating up the business of the locals which might be a good thing because it could force them to hit back the market with something better.

Saturday: We had breakfast at Andoks. Had Lunch at McDo. Went to the wedding at Camp Dangwa Chapel Dinner at the wedding reception at Hotel Supreme

Sunday: Breakfast at Jolibee Session Road Went strolling and shopping at Burnham park and Black Market area. (I bought an iPod Touch Case, Strawberry Preserve, Ube Jam, Lengua de Gatto, Choco Mallows and Peanut Brittle)

We had lunch at the Camp area (with my friend’s family) On the way home, after The Gas Station Stopovers Marcos Hi-way in Pangasinan we had papaitan at Lisa’s in the town of Sison.

It was a tiring trip but a really enjoyable trip. I sure miss the cold air in Baguio and I hope to visit there on a December or a Flower Festival in February.

My Broke Travel Adventure Lessons:

Travel really light. It’s a nice place and you better enjoy it. Take less photos. Really enjoy the place, take a shot or two but be present. Be adventurous with food. Noticed how we ate in Jolibee, McDonalds and Andoks? Those food stores are also available in Manila. I wish I got to try more authentic local recipes. Have a parnter. - Solitude is cool but I enjoy having osmeone to share things with better.

The Broke Travel Adventure Trip Would cost about:

500-800 For the fare one way

500-1000 Per Night for Lodging

50-200 For Food

Pasalubong Varies

Broke Travel Adventure Baguio Pictures:

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”367” caption=”Medrano's Apartelle”][/caption]

Medrano’s Apartelle Front View

Medrano’s Apartelle Lobby

Medrano’s Apartelle Lobby Facing the Rooms

Medrano’s Apartelle View from the Bed

My Friend’s Wedding at Dangwa Chapel

Burnham Park


Burnham Park at Monument

Burnham Park Catching up on Sleep

Black Market Area

Black Market Area Looking for Good Deals

Camp Dangwa Not Letting Go

Camp Dangwa Kevin with new friends.

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”400” caption=”Going Home”][/caption]