How to Avoid Being Broke Because of iPhone

I met a lot of friends who were super excited when the iPhone came out. Unfortunately as soon as they made the purchase they became short on cash because a lot of them paid an arm or a leg and in some cases both to get one. The typical Filipino worker earns an average of 15,000php - 35,000 php per month and if you spent 40,000php for an iPhone upfront or about 3,000php per month in installment that’s oing to hurt your budget.

But I want an iPhone!

I do too. So it took me a while to figure out the answer. I considered buying second hand but I have trust issues when buying electronics and besides paying 10k-15k for an iPhone 3g or paying 13k-18k for an iPhone 3gs is a bit steep and I doubt I could get a good deal on installment. An iPhone 4 at the time I wrote this is still around 30k and 25k for second hand. After trying out the retina display I no longer felt like wanting to pay for an iPhone, iPhone 3g or iPhone 3gs.

Speaking of second hand deals.

What if you got an offer from your friend to buy an iPhone at a third of the price?

The condition of the iPhone is brand new.

It comes with iOS and is compatible with iOS5 so you’ll have access to most of the 500,000 iPhone apps.

You got retina display for the world’s coolest pocket computer.

It’s a super slim iPhone prototype.

You can buy it for a third of the price.

It just has a few hardware problems: The manifacturer tried to build a super slim version that they forgot to consider adding space for a sim card slot. They attached the iPhone 4s’ front facing camera to the front and the rear of the iPhone since most people use the fron facing camera most of the time they thought it’d be twice the fun. Uhmmmm. Okay. I probably would use the front facing camera to take pictures of myself most of the time anyway.

Is that all? That doesn’t sound so bad.

How much different is your iPod touch from your iPhone? Not much really. I’ve been playing around with iPhone4’s for a few months now and I can’t tell the difference except for the weight because my version is much much lighter.

How to I use my iPhone I mean iPod Touch?

  • I use it for Facebook via the Facebook app and the Facebook messenger app which I use for chatting.
  • I use Google's voice search (Yes I said voice search) using the Google Search app.
  • I use it to tweet on Twitter.
  • I use Facetime for Video Calls and iMessage to text other iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch's that's connected to the internet.
  • I use it to write some of my blog posts via the Wordpress app. I keep most of it in SimpleNote or
  • I got to control my spending by downloading Nexus Money by Xiles.
  • I use it to digitally store my notes by taking pictures when I write big.
  • I use it to take pictures whenever I can. Check out some of my shots taken on the iPod Touch during my birthday.
  • I use the camera a lot. (Like a scanner, extending my brain and for fun)
  • Here are some tips to improve your shots.
  • I use the idonethis app by as a logbook, inspiration journal, a list of accomplishments and a whole bunch of things. (Must check out)
  • I use it to read eBooks via iBooks and Kindle. (I recently read the Flinch by Julien Smith and I'm currently reading Steve Job's Biography.
  • I use it to surf the net, play games and listen to music.
  • I use it as a Bible Reader. (NASB is free if you get Olive Tree bible reader and register)
  • I use dropbox to transfer files and have backup everywhere I go and to transfer photos wirelessly. (if you get one through here we both get extra 250mb free)
  • I got games. (Face Fighter, The Creeps, Vegetable Samurai, Monster Chorus (For Kids) etc)

Despite all that there are limitations but here’s how to make the most of it: Use your mobile phone to call and text. Take camera’s in good lighting. Daytime shots are great. Go online through a wifi hotspot. Use face time and iMessage to call and text other iPhones, iPads, iPod touch’s. Buy a rear case. (Really Really important I don’t care how careful you are) Get free paid apps by downloading app shopper.

That’s my solution for iPhone envy. What’s yours?


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