Budget Trip to Tagaytay

I’ve been working seven days a week straight for a few months now.

I had one rest day and will have to go on another six day workweek marathon.

I was trying to save for something. At the time I updated this blog post, I can’t even remember what.

I got the money but I hated my life.

Exceeding a 40 hour workweek takes a toll on me and I become really negative.

I realised that I needed to decompress.

It was my rest day yesterday and I bumped into a friend who had nothing else to do that day.

I wanted to go out for a trip in a while so I called Ralph. I asked him if he wanted to drive to Tagaytay and I’ll cover the costs.

He’s up for it so Tricia and I took a bus ride to Bicutan to pick up Ralph and Kaye.

Here’s the itinerary.

Here’s the breakdown of what we spent.

I recommend going on a Monday or a Tuesday so there’ absolutely no traffic.

My friend Ralph can take you on the same trip for $120 to cover the gas costs. Please contact me at 63 917 895 2637 so I can schedule you.