Consider Buying Kitchen Gear at the Landmark Department Store In Makati

I’m not really a chef or had any training in the culinary arts.

When I was young, I cut my hand with the sharp tip of a butter knife. I was five or six then so all I remember was spraying blood everywhere. As I’ve said I was five or six then so the memory might be a bit exaggerated but this event resulted in me not being allowed to assist in the kitchen again.

I learned to cook by imitating chefs on TV shows. Because I don’t fully understand the concept I just imitate each step, use the same ingredient or the same cooking gear as close to it as possible or as I can afford.

I bought a good chunk of my kitchen gear at Landmark Makati. Landmark has a nice selection of imported kitchen goods from brands that I recognise from shows I watch..

The price is cheaper than the price in other shops.

They accept credit cards.

Here are some of my recent purchases.

Consider visiting landmark department store’s kitchen selection you might find something you’d like.