Introduction to Archery Supplies

Archery Supplies can be confusing If you’re new and selecting the correct one can mean the difference between a successful and a non successful practice.

We’ll walk you through the basic archery supplies you’ll need to get started and at the same time provide you with some information.

We recommend having a small notebook handy as you do your research so you can note which components you would prefer and the prices so you can make better decisions when you get to the physical or online store because having a lot of options when you’re about to buy can lead to a lot of confusion.

Basic Shooting Components

Bow Depending on what you need and your budget and who will use the bow, you can use a longbow, a recurve bow or a composite bow. Recurve bow’s are highly recommended beginner bows because of the quality and the price. Recurve bows are also the only bow that you can use in the Summer Olympic games. If you want to be an excellent all around archer it is recommended that you try and practice the different kinds of bows because each type of shooting and the techniques that it involves will make you a better archer. If you want better gear or plan to invest in a bow a composite bow is also a great choice. Quiver A container for holding arrows. Some attach to the bow and others are worn around the waist or shoulder. Arrows and Tips It’s a good idea to buy arrows at the same time that you’re buying your bow, since the bow technician can help you pick the right size. Rest If your bow doesn’t include an arrow rest, invest in one early on. The arrow rest simplifies the process because it gives you better aim and less factors to consider. Nocking Points Provides you with a constant place on your bow string to nock your arrow. This enables consistency and faster focus. A bow technician or any experienced archer can help you with setting your nock point where you need it. ** e) Targets Targets are important and can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like.

Safety Equipment Finger Tab or Shooting Glove You can pick one depending on your preference. This prevents blisters. Arm guards Some experienced archers shoot without an arm guard but it is highly recommended for beginners to always wear one. Bow Stringer It’s bad practice to string a bow with your foot. This is an essential item for any archery enthusiast and must be part of your kit.

Bow String Wax Increases the life of your bow string by providing good lubrication. Use every two to four weeks.

Combat Australia Bows and Arrows

Combat Australia offers you archery supplies, gears, and accessories that you need. From different kinds of arrows and bows, quivers, bow bags, targets, aiming devices, stabilizers, and etc, you can find them in our store. For more information, visit our website and start checking off the archery items from your list.