Habits That Support the Law of Attraction

It’s been twelve years since I first encountered “The Secret” and got introduced to the “Law of Attraction”

I was able to accomplish, some would argue, attract a lot of things that I want into my life.

Here are some habits that I developed that made my use of the law of attraction effortless in my life.


The most effective way to bribe God into blessing you more is by counting your blessings. Often, when we pray, we treat the heavens as a complaints department. Look at the sky, right now. Isn’t it beautiful? We did nothing to make it beautiful. It just is. Appreciate it. There’s at least a billion miracle level blessings happening to you right now and on a daily basis from keeping everyone on the planet alive to the small things that makes you smile and often we miss the existence of that because of a few small details that didn’t go the way we expect.

Be honest with what you want

The law of attraction works like any natural law. You attract into your life anything that stays in your focus. If you don’t really mean it, you still attract it to you but it doesn’t fully manifest into your reality. Some people will look at the law of attraction and want billions when all they want is to go on vacation four times a year and enough income to buy a short list of luxuries. Be clear. Be honest. Be sincere about it.

Daily affirmations.

Whenever I benefit from a practice, I don’t really spend time learning the mechanics of why it benefits me. I just continue to do it. When something works exactly the way I wanted, I don’t try to learn how to maximize it. I just use it as it is. I found out that the more goals leads to distraction and getting my goals way past the deadline. So instead I only focus on one to two goals only. The most recent, in my personal experience is switching jobs and I got what I want to the letter. The other I’m working on involves dating and so far so good.

Simplify and don’t complicate

Focus on one goal at a time. If you’re new to using the law of attraction. Build confidence by focusing on small goals. Then do short term goals with three to six month timeframes. I know you’ll be tempted by large ambitious goals but until you’ve achieved success with short ones you’re not going to focus on it consistently.

Amor fati.

Love your fate. Face your fears. When you sit down and write down and analyze what you’re worried about you’ll realize that it’s all silly. When you mine for gold, the process involves digging through a lot of dirt. That’s okay. Don’t doubt yourself. Love your fate.

Keep Goals a Secret

Telling everyone your goals makes you less motivated to do something about them. It’s good practice to write down your goals and do affirmations but don’t tell anyone until you’ve achieved them and you’ll hit your targets more than you expect.