WOD From Home

Sometimes I can’t go to the gym because I have work or other commitments so I try to work out at home.

The other reason is I spend a lot of time browsing for cool CrossFit gear, bike and other fitness toys. Every now and then I splurge on a fitness toy but the truth is it’s just stuck here at the house collecting dust.

So I made a promise to myself that I’d put these toys to good use or I’ll just let them go.

Just to provide you with some context here’s what I have at home.

My Fitness Gear

  1. CrossFit Shoes - I have a Reebok Nano 4 and a Nano 6.
  2. Running Shoes - Merrell.
  3. Jump Ropes
  4. Cheap Barbell (10lbs) - From what I read online I can’t put more than 200lbs on this bar.
  5. Pairs of Dumbells (25lb, 18lb 15lb and 2lb)
  6. Pairs of Barbell plates (50lb, 25lb, 15lb, 10lb, 5lb, 2.5lb) About 200 lbs total put together.

Some rules I set

  1. Workouts need to be fast. Under 20 minutes to do.
  2. Workouts need to be easy. Challenging but not intimidating.
  3. I need to use my gear and not want to shop for better gear.

CrossFit Workout Templates

  1. EMOM - Stands for every minute on the minute. That means you execute the movement set for the duration of the minute and begin the next set at the next minute. For Example: EMOM 10 with 10 Push Ups Minute 1: Do 10 Push Ups Minute 2: Do 10 Push Ups Minute 3: Do 10 Push Ups Minute 4: Do 10 Push Ups Until you get to minute ten.

Here are some workouts that I’ve


EMOM 5 minutes

Total of 300 single unders.

21 - 15 - 9

Finished in 10:10

I’ll post more workouts.

If you have any questions just send me a message.

You can visit my home online at