Travel Lighter With Small Microfiber Towels


Here’s a travel tip I discovered by accident:

A few days ago I had a sleepover at a friend’s place. I came from the office and know that I’ll be going straight to in the morning. I packed one regular face towel and two small (face towel sized) microfiber towels. When I took a shower in the morning I pulled out a microfiber towel and to my surprise, I was already dry. I didn’t have to use a second one or the regular face towel.

I’ve been moving around for a while, and when I became a minimalist, the towel even the smallest one is the heaviest part of my gear.

Use a small microfiber towel when traveling instead of the regular sized towel to travel lighter. It also works especially well for staying at places that don’t provide fresh towels.

A small (face towel sized) microfiber towel might do but I’ll bring two for good measure. Ladies might need to bring two because they have more hair to dry.

Tho downside could be that you have to get dressed in the shower but I think it’s worth it considering I’m carrying an eight of a regular sized towel in my bag.

Update: I tried to travel with this towel again and it turns out that one is enough but just in case, bringing an extra wouldn’t feel like a hassle because if it’s small size.

How do you travel with a towel?