Unstuck Yourself With Broke Travel Adventures


For the longest time I wanted to travel. I’ve been stuck around places I’ve been comfortable in it’s embarasing that I never got to really do so.

When I asked myself why, I learned that all my reasons are just excuses and I ended up begining anyway.

The bottomline was I was just too lazy and scared (of nothing really) to give it a shot.

I used to think that travel is expensive. But my experience tells me otherwise.

The first time I travelled was in Boracay. My dad and my sort of step mom sponsored the trip. I didn’t spend much but I knew the trip was expensive. This sort of gave me the feeling that it was expensive.

The next time I traveled was in Sariaya, Quezon Karlo, my high school best friend. I didn’t spend a lot for the trip the first time and I learned that 1,000 - 2,000 Philippine Pesos was more than enough for a weekend here.

I secretly traveled to batangas for an overnight trip one Christmas. It only cost us 3,000 php to stay there.

Ralph drove me to Tagaytay almost everyday for a few months and I payed for the gas until I ran out of cash.

I went to Malaysia Jay pitched in for my ticket then I paid them. This was my first out of the country trip. It shouldn’t cost a lot but I was a hoarder and spent more than I should. Total cost was 40,000 Philippine Pesos.

Afterwards, I didn’t get to travel for a long time.

I hit a roadblock and all the travel I did was basically from traveling to work and back home and going to Ish’s palace at Morong during weekends (I don’t get to do that much now).

I read Leo’s article about traveling locally and I’ve been struggling to give it a shot. When my chance finally came I started.

I had Ralph bring us (Me, Ralph, Kaye, Mau, Kay, April and Gwen) to Tagaytay and had a stop over in Nuvali (somewhere in Laguna). We had Bulalo at the Mahogany Market and bonded at Java Jazz in Tagaytay.

Total Cost of trip for everyone 3,000php (not counting pasalubong and the drinks at Java Jazz I didn’t feel like paying at that point)

I realized that traveling is a lot easier than I expected and my excuse was just an excuse. Just try it. Look for friends who’ll go with you and get started.

We’re thinking of calling our cheap and fun travels, our “broke adventures”.

After the trip we’re planning on visiting Majayjay falls next week.

I’ll tell you about it soon.