UP Village

A couple of years before High School I lived with my mom and my little brother in UP Village Quezon City.

I was studying at Claret School of Quezon City then. I liked staying at the place because it was conveniently close to everything our family needed. A supermarket was practically walking distance then and so was everything we needed to buy.

I realized that it was accessible for places like: UP Ateneo Mirriam College UP Techno Hub. Claret School Holy Family

Specialized public hospitals like Heart Center, Lung Center of The Philippines and so on.]

Parking wasn’t an issue.

It’s home to late night food spots and if I needed long range transportation Southbound or elsewhere I just needed to hop on a trike to PhlCOA and Voila there’s a bus stop.

I don’t ever recall traffic being bad in this area.

The area was pretty convenient.

Why you might want to stay at UP Village if… Your business or work is in that area of QC You have kids who study near UP You would like to live in a residential/comercial area that’s not fully surrounded by buildings yet. You like to live in a place where basic conveniences are a trike ride away.

Back then we moved twice and rented an apartment. A large two bedroom would cost 17,000-25,000 this was back in 1997-1998. I’m not sure how this had change