Things I Love About Ireneville Sucat Parañaque

In case you’re wondering I live in Ireneville Sucat Parañaque. I’ve been staying here for a while and as I moved around to different locations this had been my home base for a long time. Initially the reason was because my family lives here. Then I realized that it’s pretty awesome too. here are some reasons why I believe it’s awesome to live in Ireneville.

Reason number one : Ireneville is close to Shopwise and Santana Grove. Shopwise is a great place to do groceries because they have a good balance of local and imported goods for groceries and whatever we need for the house. There’s also restaurants around the area for great food at different and office supplies at National Bookstore.

Reason number two Ireneville is close to BF Homes. In case you’re not familiar BF homes is a residential and commercial area which is a lot like Quezon City where just outside the small subdivisions and village are establishments for almost your every need and more awesome restaurants you can explore.

Reason number three Ireneville is an hour away from Makati and an hour and a half to get to Ortigas. I’ve been working in Ortigas for almost ten years now and it’s been pretty good. I just take a Sucat Tatawid jeep to the bus stop in South Super Highway and I take a bus to where the heck I’m going. There’s also an

Reason number four Ireneville is far away but somewhat convenient from the business districts. It takes at least a couple of rides to get here and out of here by commute. Which is a good thing because if you’re working you can use the travel time to decompress and relax from whatever stressful situation that you encountered at work.

Bonus reason Ireneville has a creepy entrance. Before you enter the residential area, just at the entrance are various warehouses and Hen Lin’s factory. What makes it awesome is that if you’re trying to keep a low profile Ireneville is a good place to do that. It’s not showy or flashy and you have enough space to do awesome things.

Are you from Ireneville? Did you live here before? Consider sharing your experience in the comments below.