Join a CrossFit WOD Three Times a Week

CrossFit is most beneficial when done consistently.

If you’re new, committing to five days a week can be overwhelming and if you need to lose a lot of weight, discouraging.

I found that three is the perfect number.

After attending CrossFit class three times a week, I was able to attend consistently for about four years already.

The owner of the CrossFit box I went to, shared with me that they have a clause in their contract that they have a guaranteed results or your money back if you attend three times a week for three months.

It’s not difficult to imagine why they’re that confident with the claims.

If your goal is body recomposition.

If your goal is weight loss the good influence of hanging out with people who are at different stages of improving their fitness can help you stay on the path.

Give it a try.

Do a CrossFit WOD three times a week.

If you’re conveniently inside BF Homes Parañaque, Visit PR City CrossFit.

I workout here every Saturday at 6pm. They offer a free trials for first time visits.