End of Game of Thrones Reaction

We read/listen to stories because deep inside we are looking for clues on how we can live our lives in a world full of uncertainty.

Some parents taught us Bible stories because they want to be good and obedient.

We followed the Marvel Comic book stories because we like the idea that despite what disadvantages we have, we’ll discover a superpower and greatness so that we can be good people and stand up to bullies.

Watching western and gangster stories on film teaches us that a life of crime and violence often does not end well no matter how badass you are.

Game of Thrones is a whole different story meant to teach a different lesson and because of it’s length had the opportunity to teach us different lessons.

Bran’s annoying delivery of the zen lesson that everything that happens is meant to happen.

There is good and evil inside of all of us no matter how good we are as a person, given the opportunity that evil will come out and we will do things that are “out of character” because evil is part of our character.

Finally, Jon.

If you keep rejecting responsibility, you will eventually lose your opportunity.

Inspired by the conversation that started in this linked article