Best Metro Manila Siopao Guide

I like Siopao. It’s bread and meat. It’s a good snack. Siopao can be a meal replacement if I’m in a rush or I need a quick bite while traveling.

I often find myself buying Siopao whenever I’m hungry.

In the past week I got to try North Park’s Asado Siopao. It’s the best 68 pesos I’ve ever spent. The bread is soft, the sauce is amazing and it’s packed with meat. While enjoying my meal, I recall all the Siopao I ate in the past few months. The asado Siopao somehow resembles that of Chowking but has twice, nay 2.5 times the meat. It’s worth it.

As I recall all the Siopao I’ve eaten and ended up writing this list and what thought about them.

This is a useful list if you like Siopao or if you’re trying to decide which Siopao to buy and you have so many options available.

Available Almost Everywhere

North Park.

Best Siopao I’ve tried so far. Just go to a North Park. They have a branch in a lot of SM Malls. Order the asado Siopao and enjoy. Location: SM Malls. Ayala Malls. Price: Php 68 Size: Pretty big. Feedback: Currently my first choice of Siopao whenever I’m in a mall that has North Park.

Kowloon House.

Previously my favorite Siopao. It’s packed with meat. I get full after one but I still end up buying some Siomai. I went back to Kowloon today to make sure I’m not mistaken. They have the best Bola Bola siopao ever. North park may offer the best asado but the Bola Bola goes to Kowloon. It’s a large meatball that fills you up with sausage and salted egg. It’s definitely worth it. Location: Often in crowded streets. I just take note of where they are. I visit the ones in BF Homes Paranaque often. Price: Php 60 for the jumbo Siopao. Size: Pretty big. Feedback: It’s comfort food. Helps me let go of my anger. I use it to bribe my mom whenever we get into an argument.

Hen Lin Siopao

This Siopao is tasty and relatively convenient. I like the taste of Kowloon better but this Siopao is available almost everywhere I pass by in my commute. Location: Most SM Malls often near the supermarket. Shopwise Sucat. At the Ayala terminal. Price: Php 40 Size: Large. Seems smaller than Kowloon but pretty decent. Feedback: This is the travel Siopao. If I’m on my way home or on my way to a friend. This Siopao prevents me from saying “you don’t like me when I’m hungry” in my usual Makati to Parañaque commute.

Chowking Siopao

This is the comfort Siopao. The meat of the asado is savory and makes you happy. What it lacks in size it makes up for in flavor. Wait. Why the heck does it lack size? I usually order two. Location: Every Chowking branch everywhere. Price: Php 35. Php 70 if you order two. Size: Medium. Feedback: Tasty. Girl on a diet.

Mini Stop

I only order the Bola Bola Siopao from mini stop. Back when I had a student budget this was my favorite. What’ not to like? The massive size. A full meal for under fifty pesos. This had saved me in my job hunting and commission only sales jobs. Fast forward to 2016. The Mini Stop Jumbo Siopao previously had the best large meatball in the middle which I loved in the past. I recall it being almost the size of my fist. Over the past ten years the siopao’s meatball had grown annoyingly small despite the Jumbo Siopao retaining it’s massive size. Now the meatball has less than half of the original size. Location: Mini Stops everywhere. Robinsons Galeria. Price: Php 42 Size: Bread:Pretty big. Meatball: Dissapointingly small Feedback: When I work night shifts and I have no other place to eat this is one of my options if I’m not buying Mini Stop Chicken. Since the decline of the meatball size I just pay extra and get the chicken.


I only get asado Siopao from 711. I go to 711 for hotdogs but sometimes I find myself with a Siopao craving while inside. I don’t like the bola bola at 711. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried it. I hated it so much I didn’t want to try it again. I don’t even remember why. Location: SM Malls. Ayala Malls. Price: Php 40 Size: Between medium and large. Feedback: Just your average Siopao. Not too special but nothing to complain about either.

Toasted Siopao.

You can find this in Bakeries around the metro. If you see one it’s okay. Often between ten and twenty pesos each. These bad boys are small. Your mileage may vary though. I just thought I’d put this here so you can try it out. Toasted Siopao is just regular bread with meat inside. Kind of like the Starbucks Pandesal but rustic. Kind of like dirty ice cream to Haagen Daaz. It’s simple but you end up liking it. Location: Bakeries around the metro Price: Between nine and twenty pesos Size: Small Feedback: It’s the best thing to buy in a bakery these days. Note I went to this place called Balai Pandesal. Their ToastedSiopao is pretty good.

Siopao lady at the office.

Possibly from Siopao factory. Dry and disgusting. Mostly bread. I wouldn’t eat it unless I have no other choice. I’ve had this Siopao elsewhere. I don’t trust it. Location: SM Malls. Ayala Malls. Price: Php 20 Size: Pretty big. Feedback: Don’t do it. Thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

Specialty Siopao Must try.

Binondo - People say they have good Siopao. I haven’t been there. This one here is a note to self. To try the Siopao at Binondo. David’s Siopao. You can get these bad boys in Binondo for two hundred pesos or so. You’ll have to steam them at home but it’s worth it if you’re in the area. Ma Mon Luk. My boss took me here and they offer the legendary original Siopao. Worth the visit. Gloria Maris. The Siopao here is pretty good. I only go here when I’m at green hills but chances are I eat something else. They have a lot of nice food.

According to the 2010 article here are the best places to have Siopao. I haven’t been to most of these places but I’ll update this post once I’ve tried their Siopao.

  1. Ling Nam - Banawe st. Qc. 90 pesos
  2. Dragon Noodle Center Mh delPilar Ermita 55 pesos for two Siopao.
  3. Gloria Maris 128 pesos for the asado Siopao.
  4. Siopao boy by Masuki. Green hills. Php 35 each.
  5. North Park. My current favorite. Best Asado.
  6. Kowloon House My previous favorite. Best Bola Bola.
  7. Chowking Tasty but tiny. 35 pesos
  8. Le Ching tea house. This will be a trip full of anticipation. 70 pesos.
  9. Emerald Gardens. Roxas Boulevard Tai pao 99
  10. Suzhou Dumplings P 55 Asado Not sure if it’ worth visiting. It’s below the standard of Chowking.

What? No Hen Lin?

Update: My friend tells me to look for fried Siopao in Binondo. It’s the best according to him. Shortly after I wrote this post, my younger brother came home with fried siopao from Binondo, it has a nice meatball inside, some crunchy vegetables but I like it overall. The best part, no paper to peel at the bottom.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. May you have a Siopao filled day.

Post written by Kevin Olega connect on twitter and facebook