Khaleb Shawarma Shawarma Rice Cravings

Every now and then I have a craving for shawarma rice. Shawarma rice is a version of shawarma that is served with favored rice instead of the usual shawarma bread. Here’s what it looks like. One of the best places I’ve been to is Khaleb Shawarma. You can find it in a lot of malls and foodcourts but the nearest one in my location and the one I ... Read more

Khua Thai BF Paranaque

My friend invited me to accompany her while shopping for… I don’t really remember. I got hungry and I saw this Thai place so I decided to grab something to eat. It’s interesting that more and more Thai places have sprung up in the area after the recent success of Sen Lek Thai Noodle in a lot of locations. I tried the Pad Thai, and asked them ... Read more


I’m learning to cook the following meals. Each meal is home made, the only way I know how. With love and the best ingredients I can get my hands on. Greek Salad Kani Salad Orange Chicken Panna Cotta. I will be posting updates. Read more

Lunch and Dessert at Serye

It’s been normal for me to treat my friends to a meal and dessert during their birthdays. My foodtrip buddy recently celebrated hers so after celebrating at Mercatto in the Fort we had lunch and dessert before going home. For this particular foodtrip session we went to Serye for some barbecue chicken. Read more

How to Make California Maki Salad

California Maki without rice or bread? Challenge Accepted. -Kevin Olega to Ella During the past break a lot of things had happened. I learned how to cook. My best friend is moving to Canada and I am now tasked to teach her how to cook through this blog. A few months ago I read “The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferris” and learned how to make cookies. ... Read more

Going Barefoot in the Philippines

Vibram Five Finger shoes are commonly referred to by their hard core fans as VFF’s. In the past couple of years I saw this unusual pair of shoes appear in the blogs of my favorite writers, Tim Ferriss, Leo Babauta, Colin Wright and Julien Smith. VFF’s are shoes that mimic the barefoot experience. According to studies I read in the Four Hour ... Read more

Nexus Money Income and Expense Tracking Application for iPhone Review

Nexus money is a money management app that helps you track your spending and your income. Logging your expenses and income is as simple as pressing (+) to input income and pressing (-) to input expenses. You then type how much and you’re good to go. The interface is a lot like a small card taped on a board that has your daily income and exp... Read more

About the Author

Hi there! I’m Paul. I’m a physics major turned programmer. Ever since I first learned how to program while taking a scientific computing for physics course, I have pursued programming as a passion, and as a career. Check out my personal website for more information on my other projects (including more Jekyll themes!), as well as some of my writi... Read more

On Break

Hi friends, I’ll be on an indefinite hiatus for Philippine Island Living. At the moment I’m working on my other blog, Call Center Training Tips. I look forward to seeing you again soon, Regards, Kevin Olega Read more

How to Sleep Safely in a Bus

I normally recommend staying awake through out most bus trips especially if you’re alone. There are times though that you will have to take a five or ten minute nap on a bus because you stayed up late partying the night before. I have done it several times at first, with fear but after a few more times I think I could sleep on a bus safely when... Read more

First look at Black King's Bar and Juniper Face The Corner

My friend Sheenah invited me to watch her band Juniper Face The Corner at Black King’s bar along with other local alternative Indie bands. I had an awesome night with them. Here are some clips. We also met Segatron, the ones responsible for the viral Hey Alodia. Cyrus the virus from Nu 107. We listened to a good mix of alternative to metal. ... Read more

Things I Love About Ireneville Sucat Parañaque

In case you’re wondering I live in Ireneville Sucat Parañaque. I’ve been staying here for a while and as I moved around to different locations this had been my home base for a long time. Initially the reason was because my family lives here. Then I realized that it’s pretty awesome too. here are some reasons why I believe it’s awesome to live in... Read more