The New Philippine Island Living

I love the Philippines. But I don’t like selling it. There’s nothing I can do to add to it’s beauty and how good it is. My best attempts only make the Philippines look cheap. Not because I suck but because something really really good doesn’t need to be sold.  Philippine Island Living will cease to be a blog that sells the Philippines. Philippi... Read more

25 Philippine Lifehacks

Tips for eating anywhere. Not just the Philippines. Recently I saw the film Fight Club which reminded me of my dad because Brad Pitt/ Tyler Durden urinates on soups and defiles food as revenge against people who treats food service people like crap. That got me thinking if there’s a way to get the maximum dining experience. Most of my restaura... Read more

Why Filipina Women Make Great Wives and Mothers

According to a lot of foreigners I’ve met if they were to marry somebody outside of their race they would marry a Filipina. I heard it so many times so I got curious and actively asked around and I found out that among the foreign community, Filipinas are considered to be the best wives and mothers. Being a Filipino and I know it’s a biased opin... Read more

Major Business Opportunity in the Philippines News and Media Coverage

There goes every possible positive media coverage - kevin olega This is a part of Major business opportunity in the Philippines. A major business opportunity in the Philippines is the news/media industry. We both know that the Philippines is a third world country and third world countries have more opportunities than first world countries due ... Read more

The Philippines

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Jollibee is the most popular fastfood in the Philippines and is the only fastfood to rival Mc Donald’s here in the Philippines. Jollibee can be found in almost any location in Metro Manila and at least 1 Jollibee can be found in almost any small town. Top sellers: Fried Chicken - Commonly known as Chickenjoy, this breaded, deep-fried chicken i... Read more

Major Business Opportunity in the Philippines Filipino Time

This is part of Major Business Opportunities in the Philippines Another major business opportunity in the Philippines is called Filipino Time. Filipino time is a habit and phenomenon where a lot of Filipinos do not normally come on time to their appointments. The worst case of Filipino time or Filipino Timekeeping is that the Filipino forgot all... Read more

Major Opportunities in the Philippines Pwede Na

This is a part of Major Business Opportunities in the Philippines Pwede na is a Filipino mindset that means good enough. Pwede na is a mindset most Filipinos have and is usually the attitude towards work. The term Pwede na has been criticized by productivity junkies (people obsessed with excellence and workaholism) as doing something that is j... Read more

Major Business Opportunities in The Philippines

Most people see difficulty in every opportunity. Successful people see opportunity in every difficulty. Most people are not trained to see opportunities so they simply pass opportunities by. Successful people often find opportunities in unexpected places and most people end up saying “why didn’t I think of that?” I’m writing about a series o... Read more

Quick Guide to Affordable Places to Live in the Philippines

Quick Guide to Places to Live in the Philippines if you're on a Budget This is a quick guide I put together for people looking for a place to stay and are on a budget. I hope this will help you out. Please contact me for questions so I can include information when I update this guide. Rent a house or an apartment in a Regular village $500 up - ... Read more

Quick Guide to Premium Places to Live in the Philippines

A Premium Guide to Where To live when you Philippines One of the first questions people ask when it comes to moving to the Philippines is “where do I live?” Sure you can stay in a hotel for a few days or with friends who’ll let you but at one point you’re going to have to pick a place where you can stay a little longer. (please note that the p... Read more

How Filipinos Can Change The World

Post written by Kevin Olega. Follow me on twitter. A lesson from Filipino’s about Minimalism Filipinos have the potential to be the ultimate minimalists because of how a lot of them are able to survive on minimum wage while buying several useless toys. The average Filipino professional makes less than $300 and the great majority of the worker... Read more