Baked Spicy Lemon Adobo and My Journey to Prepare Filipino Food

I learned how to cook after reading The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss, I learned more dishes by reading a book on Greek Cuisine, Watching Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. Over time people at work are asking me to bring extra food at the office and offered to pay me for the cost. Today I deliver salad, cookies and cheesecake to people at work. My... Read more

Spend Faturday at JCO

I ended up eating five and a half of seven. Last year I went on a strict no carbohydrate and sugar diet. During my cheat days I’d invite a friend to join me pig out on cards and sugar. J CO is a famous doughnut and coffee place. It always has a long line every time we pass by. For this Faturday I’m joined by Cj one of my friends from work ... Read more

My Old School Money Saving Allowance Strategy

Whenever a strategy to save my money gets complicated, I tend to drop doing it. I do so whether consciously or unconsciously. I don’t like doing too much. I want to have some spare money. I hate the fact that I end up spending all that I earn so I’ve been experimenting on different ways to get the job done. I came up with the allowance strategy... Read more

California Pizza Kitchen at Lucky Chinatown Mall

I spent the most part of last year catching up with my friends visiting them where they are and trying a bunch of different food. For the longest time I’ve been seeing California Pizza Kitchen. I never got to and I’ve met a lot of people who tell me it’s good. While out looking for a place to eat in Divisoria I decided to try out California ... Read more

How to Enjoy Your PNR Train Ride

The Philippine national railway or PNR is a chain of train stations that I’m taking more often recently. It’s a cheap alternative transportation and I’m quite comfortable using it. Don’t go during rush hour. It’s the worst time to take the train. I took it once during a rush hour and the experience of the extreme violation of personal spac... Read more

Get Fresh Beef at Mahogany Market for Almost Half of What You Pay The Supermarket When You Visit Tagaytay

I’ve been buying everything from the supermarket and for the longest time I believed that the price was pretty reasonable.  Lately,  my friends had bought me to the Mahogany market in Tagaytay. One of my friends had bought her beef and because of my curiosity i found out that the sirloin slices air worth Php 220 per kilo. About half the price... Read more

The Smallest Iglesia Ni Cristo Church I've Ever Seen

The Iglesia ni Cristo is a local religious group that is founded in the Philippines and has a large following. I’m not a member of this group. I do find the design of their churches facinating. It’s beautiful and almost all are identical. I don’t have a lot of info from their group but I find it interesting that all their churches practicall... Read more

How To Make A Lentil Base For Your Lentil Recipes

I like lentils because it’s nutritious, filling and most importantly, you can eat as much as you want and never get fat. I’ve lost more than 20lbs without exercise by eating lentils only six days a week. Here’s the thing, there’s a large variation in taste. Unless you’re using canned lentils which are a bit expensive. When using dry lentils how... Read more

2014 Personal Projects and What I'm currently in to

Here are some things I’m in to right now. Slow Carb Diet. Since I started working, I neglected my body. I'm 28 as I write this and I no longer have my fast metabolism nor any possible genetic advantages. I'm also overweight. I used Tim Ferriss' strategies from the book "The Four Hour Body" like the "Slow Carb Diet" to improve my diet and food ... Read more

Expand Your Borders

I started traveling lately. I haven’t been for a while. All I did the past few months was go to work then home and stay in front of a computer. I don’t like it but I stayed home for no particular reason. Eventually the ideas stopped and the depression hit then things started to fell apart. If you are not growing you are dying. I became scared... Read more

Sencha is a Relaxing Place for Colorful Sweet Drinks, Koreans and Fast Internet

      I sometimes have trouble working at home. With mom streaming Korean soap operas the internet is really slow. One day I decided to take my laptop and went out to look for a place to type in peace. I called Mau and asked her to hang out. I fiddled with my computer and typed in the stories for my blog. Sencha has a colorful selection of m... Read more

Philippine Christian Book Store

Philippine Christian bookstore is a good place to find inspirational books at a lower cost. The price of good books here in the Philippines is a bit more expensive compared to other countries mostly because more of the books we read are imported. I often have to spend Php 1,000 to Php 2,000 to buy a nice book. If you’re looking for inspiratio... Read more