Tronix Image Center

Tronix image center is my default place to go to for ID photos. Here in the Philippines it is common for employers and banks to require photos to be included as part of their requirements. Tronix can be found at almost any SM Mall and Star Mall. The package is usually Php 60. Last time I was there. They have a combination of 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 ... Read more

Text Formatting Examples

Markdown Support As always, Jekyll offers support for GitHub Flavored Markdown, which allows you to format your posts using the Markdown syntax. Examples of these text formatting features can be seen below. You can find this post in the _posts directory. Basic Formatting With Markdown, it is possible to emphasize words by making them italiciz... Read more

What I Learned and Blessings for in 2013 Part 2

Part one of this post can be found at my other blog Minimal Changes. Earlier today I wrote a long list of things I can cook. I'll probably post it in my Philippine Island Living blog. Today I lost my mobiles headphones. I realized it when I wanted to test the recording feature of the evernote app. I was hungry then and couldn't think straight... Read more

Alternate Lifestyle to Philippine Stereotypes

Many people consider me weird. I consider myself weird. In a lot of cases, I end up not agreeing with popular stand points. Everyone wanted to move to the states or some first world country. I would love to stay in the Philippines. People see opportunity elsewhere. I see myself staying in the Philippines to make my living. I can’t remember a ... Read more

Hong Kong Style Dimsum and Noodle House

I’ve been seeing this place a lot on my way to work. A few weeks ago, my new friend had a craving for it so I decided to bring her and investigate. As we entered Hong Kong Style Dimsum and Noodle House, the place gave of an upscale fast food feel to it. The prices were a cross between a fast food and a restaurant chain. We ordered Beef and Wa... Read more

A Short Post on Chefs Siomai The Best Siomai Stall

The best siomai stall I’ve ever tried is Chef’s Siomai. You can get 4 large siomai for about Php30. So far Chef’s siomai offer the meatiest and largest siomai among the stalls I’ve tried in the same price category. I often go here for a quick snack before or after church. Chef’s siomai has a nice selection of siomai and my usual includes an ord... Read more

Why I Stopped Getting My Meals From Eateries

I previously recommended local eateries but I’m never eating in one again. Eateries are the ideal places for cheap meals. You can find one almost anywhere. You can get a snack or a meal with the budget of $1-2 or so. Halfway through my favorite dish at my favorite eatery close to where I work I found an earthworm. I couldn’t finish the repla... Read more

How to Safely Commute in Metro Manila

The streets of Metro Manila are both dangerous and safe. I can walk confidently because I’ve seen the ins and outs of commuting. I’ve been commuting long distances alone since I was ten. I usually took busses, jeeps, trains, shuttles and tricycles. As I was growing up I had several fears when I’m out. Someone will rob me. Someone will take m... Read more

How to Enjoy Travelling the Philippines for Two Dollars or less

It’s a nice place to take a walk. I’ll definitely take her here one day. What would you wish you have done before you died?  Do it now. Don't wait until it's too late. Otherwise the last though you'll have on this planet will be regret. - Tyler Durden (fight club) I recently learned that regular travel can be enjoyed without the using u... Read more

Learning Resources

The beauty of computer programming is that you do not need to formally go to school to learn how to program. You can learn almost everything that you would need to know online, and for free. The following resources are some that I have used personally, that I highly recommend, for anyone looking to learn more about computer programming. Free Co... Read more

Gay Necrophelia Animal Sex and What You're Convinced To Be True

I had a conversation with a colleague about my status at work. You see, I, along with a couple of people are the last survivors of our training batch at work. We started as a group of 26 and there are three of us left. It’s only been six months since we started. You see, some people had attitude problems. They complained about the work and t... Read more

5 Ways to Save a Girl From Being Treated Like Trash

I wanted to say shit but I’m learning to control my tongue these days. There’s an epidemic where girls we like get treated like trash by guys who act like dicks and nice guys like us are left in the cold where we only get lucky with girls who we only slightly like but don’t like as much as the ones we really like. Here’s my observation: Girls... Read more