Challenges to Cycling in Manila

I’ve been cycling from Paranaque to Makati a couple of times a week. Sometimes everyday. I’m often motivated to take action because I have complaints about what I’m doing. The thing is the grass always appears greener on the other side. I’ve experienced commuting, taking a car and cycling. Either way getting around in Manila has it’s challenges.... Read more

Welcome to Lagrange!

Lagrange is a minimalist Jekyll theme. The purpose of this theme is to provide a simple, clean, content-focused blogging platform for your personal site or blog. Below you can find everything you need to get started. Getting Started Getting Started: getting started with installing Lagrange, whether you are completely new to using Jekyll, or si... Read more

How to Be Fit As Captain America in The Winter Soldier

Seven months ago, I started to train my body in a CrossFit box. I noticed that most of the work involves leg exercises. I hated it. I kept going though because after seeing Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, I wanted to move as fluidly as the “Star Spangled Man.” You remember that scene where he jumped off the plane without a parachute (I ca... Read more

Getting Started

Lagrange Lagrange is a minimalist Jekyll theme for running a personal blog or site for free through Github Pages, or on your own server. Everything that you will ever need to know about this Jekyll theme is included in the README below, which you can also find in the demo site. For a guide on how to start a blog or personal website using Jekyll... Read more

Problems You Might Encounter Biking to Work from Sucat to Makati and Solutions I came up with

In the beginning I had a difficult time biking from home to work and work to home. I live in Sucat and I work in Makati. I found it difficult at first but after several attempts and some adjustments to my approach and attitude I was able to accomplish what I needed to bike to work. At this point I can bike to work every two or three days. Mostly... Read more

Things I Wish I Knew About Biking to Work in Manila

In case you don’t know, I bought a bike. Not just any bike. I’m on my third bike. My first bike was a cheap started bike. My second bike was a folding bike so I could take it to the bus stop, take the bus, then take the bike from the bus stop to work. My third bike was a fully upgraded mountain bike. Rather than to give you tips on how to get s... Read more

Consider Buying Kitchen Gear at the Landmark Department Store In Makati

I’m not really a chef or had any training in the culinary arts. When I was young, I cut my hand with the sharp tip of a butter knife. I was five or six then so all I remember was spraying blood everywhere. As I’ve said I was five or six then so the memory might be a bit exaggerated but this event resulted in me not being allowed to assist in th... Read more

Budget Trip to Tagaytay

I’ve been working seven days a week straight for a few months now. I had one rest day and will have to go on another six day workweek marathon. I was trying to save for something. At the time I updated this blog post, I can’t even remember what. I got the money but I hated my life. Exceeding a 40 hour workweek takes a toll on me and I become... Read more

How I Ended Up Beating a Street Kid In Ortigas

The post is written by Kevin Olega follow him on twitter. My best friend from Cainta always warned me to never be at the bridge separating Ortigas and Ortigas Extension or at Junction. He is willing to go so far as to bring me over to a well lit well people filled spot where I can get a ride home or despite the hassle, let me stay for the night... Read more

A Visit to the La Mesa Eco Park and Meeting the Philippine Animal Rescue Team

A few months ago, I got invited by Euna to an event with the Philippine Animal Rescue Team. They were holding the event as a fund raiser, supplies gathering and to give the attendees to adopt a dog or a cat. Stray dogs and cats are common throughout the city. If they’re not facing loneliness, abuse or being converted into siopao or roadkill, t... Read more

Ten Things I Learned From Biking in the Philippines

The post is written by Kevin Olega follow him on twitter. Last weekend, after consistently trying to convince myself to buy a bike and to not buy a bike I decided to put my decision in favor of the opposite of where my fear was trying to take me. I decided to buy a bike. Buying and using the bike in the Philippines can be a little scary. It is ... Read more

How To Bike To Work

The post is written by Kevin Olega follow him on twitter. I recently bought a bike and I finally took it to work. I work the graveyard shift and I biked from 3am to 4am to get from Paranaque to Makati. I wasn’t really good at using my bike then and I had it on first gear to Makati. The route was from our village to the east service road till I ... Read more