Tips for Riding the MRT

If you’re like me you probably hate taking the MRT. Sometimes we really don’t have a choice but brave the hassles of taking it. Here are some tips to make the trip more bearable: 1. Buy 2 stored value tickets at a time. - if by any chance you have to take the MRT regularly you would want to avoid long lines. MRT lines are really long and it wou... Read more

How to Find Prices of Various Things Online at OLX

When I want to buy something. I go to to search for the prices just so I know what to expect when it comes to the pricing. If I don’t have time to go around canvassing and would like to do a quick canvas I simply go to the site. has a large amount of sellers for brand new and second hand items. What I like about the s... Read more

How a Filipino Can Communicate Better- Ditch the Sir/Ma'am

It’s common practice for Filipino’s to call superiors with ma’am or sir. I often get frowns or rude remarks for not practicing this. In school I learned that Filipino’s have an intense attachment to formal titles because they have a global inferiority complex. I believe this attachment is a solution to attack the wrong problems. I do make exce... Read more

Poor Pinoy In The Mirror

Most Filipino’s consider themselves poor. For some unknown reason there isn’t always enough. Money always is depleted. Debt issues are always growing. Savings are close to impossible and a whole lot of people (seem to enjoy) calling the Philippines a poor country. This is not a holier than thou sermon to say how blessed and fortunate you are. (... Read more

Philippine Commute Tip EDSA Bus vs MRT EDSA

I take the bus over the MRT when going through EDSA. It’s definitely slower because there are more pick up and drop off points compared to the MRT. I get to avoid long ticket lines, and physical struggles to enter the train due to the massive number of people at almost any given time. I also don’t usually get to stay standing throughout the du... Read more

Really Short Guide to the Philippines

The Philippines is a country composed of 7,100 islands. We are a democracy with a bit of insurgency in the South but the Northern and Central area of the Philippines is pretty cool. The Philippines is a country rich with natural resources and probably have the best weather conditions on the planet. We only have a sunny and rainy season and we do... Read more

Direction of Philippine Island Living as of August 2011

Hi Everyone, I recently had my hands full so I wasn’t able to update the site. Now I’m back to help you. Initially I didn’t know what my site will become. Philippine Island Living seems to be a broad topic. It talks about finding life, love and retiring in the Philippines. It talks about opportunities to take advantage of. It also has comics ab... Read more

Welcome to Philippine Island Living

Philippine Island Living Is originally a site intended to invite dirty old men to live, love and retire in the Philippines. Then I got bored about marketing the Philippines in such a sleazy way. I decided to write about how things are the way I see things here. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out more. Read more

This is so Unfilipino

The current trend in the Philippines is that a lot of people want to work abroad for what they believe to be better opportunity. The usual goal is to work overseas and stay there permanently, either sending money to their family or trying to migrate their family to a new land of greener pasture.  A lot of people ask me if I had any plans ... Read more

Philippine Charity

In my other blog Minimal Changes, I talk about how a minimalist lifestyle allows you to give more. Seeing kids in the street or old people makes me cry inside. Everyday in the city I see several of them as I walk around. I don’t know about you but I’m affected by what I see. I recently wrote a post about saving money. What if we redirect so... Read more


Jollibee is the most popular fastfood in the Philippines and is the only fastfood to rival Mc Donald's here in the Philippines. Jollibee can be found in almost any location in Metro Manila and at least 1 Jollibee can be found in almost any small town. Top sellers: Fried Chicken - Commonly known as Chickenjoy, this breaded, deep-fried chicken... Read more

Reality After Graduation

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