Liempo at Ramboys BF Homes is World Class

I went to Ramboys out of curiosity. My new friend insisted that Ramboys has the best liempo in BF homes. The liempo is tender. With nice crispy skin. The sauce is cold but tasty. The atchara is okay. The rice is good. I paid Php 145. The location is bike friendly. Read more

Raging Bull Burgers Shangri-La BGC

It’s Carla’s Birthday Celebration. After our Ramen dinner and Jamba Juice hangout, and a short walk… We wanted to go for burgers. It was raining hard outside. And we braved the storm just to get there in time. They close at eleven. And we were calling to reserve seats at ten forty. The staff were kind enough to wait for us to arrive and a... Read more

Enjoying Jamba Juice at BGC

We are still celebrating Carla’s birthday. After visiting Fully Booked, we went to Jamba Juice. Stayed to test out my new notebooks. I can’t really say much about it. Jamba juice tastes good. But I’m trying to cut down the sugar. So I don’t imagine I’ll go here often. Maybe this will be a cheat day. I got the Strawberry mix. . Read more

Takamura Ramen Pasig Review

Celebrating Carla’s Birthday. Ramen is pretty good. They have a bunch of sushi and it’s okay. I can’t say it’s super special but it’s good enough to eat. I enjoyed the ramen and the desert cake. So I’m not complaining. You checkout Takamura’s Facebook page here . Read more

How to Finally Quit Smoking

This information helped me quit smoking. Let’s start with the summary. Smoking is something only poor people do. According to a few articles I’ve read starting with this podcast episode. Wealthy people have stopped smoking. Poor people have continued smoking. And there are far more smoking related deaths in impoverished communities than in... Read more

Why You Should Workout

Feel Great Look Great Productivity Fight Depression Bragging Rights Feel Like A Winner Save on Clothing Expenses Save on Food Expenses First Major Victory of The Day . Read more

Reebok's CrossFit Nano Four Review

This is my late review for the Reebok’s CrossFit Nano 4. I got these CrossFit Shoes on sale back in 2016. It was the time when the CrossFit Nano 6 was about to come out. . I really used the hell out of these CrossFit shoes. When the Nano 5 came out, Reebok’s CrossFit shoe offerings have been split into two types. There’s the CrossFit Nano’... Read more

BaWooBoy Delivers Authentic Korean Sangyupsal Experience inside BF Parañaque

BaWooBoy is one of the latest Sangyupsal places in BF Parañaque. We were fortunate enough to visit on their soft opening. The place has a beautiful ambiance. The beef is great because it has super thin slices that cook really fast. Unlike many Korean style Sangyupsal places that I have been to inside BF, BaWooBoy is actually owned and run by... Read more

Lamy Pens Are Beautiful

I finally got one. This photo was taken December 2018. After several months, I finally got the fountain pen. I also wanted to get the small telescopic pen. I held off because I wanted to test the fountain pen’s unique charms. The name of the pen is Lamy Safari. It’s beautiful. Now I write almost everything with the fountain pen. Read more

Crispy Panchetta on Potato Salad with Tarragon Mayo

This is a complex dish because you have to: Make tarragon mayo. Steam potatoes. Fry Panchetta. Assemble the ingredients into the fancy potato salad I use this dish to impress and have sold this at work and used this to impress girls. This is a best seller. Make the Mayo Do this first. You’ll need a mixing bowl and a whisk. Ol... Read more

What's in my Messenger Bag?

I’ll start with a background of what I do. For context. I work remotely, so I always have my laptop with me. Some places that I go to have really cold air conditioning so I bring a light jacket. I bike almost all the time especially if the place I’m going to is less than ten kilometers away from my house. I go to CrossFit so I always have a... Read more

The Common Space is the Best Coworking Space inside BF Parañaque

This is my second time renting for a longer term at the Common Space. The first one was from a year ago during summer. Summer is pretty hot in the Philippines and unfortunately, my small air conditioner in the room won’t do. The Common Space has: a friendly staff fast internet cold air conditioners the owner responds to the facebook... Read more