What's in my Messenger Bag?

I’ll start with a background of what I do. For context. I work remotely, so I always have my laptop with me. Some places that I go to have really cold air conditioning so I bring a light jacket. I bike almost all the time especially if the place I’m going to is less than ten kilometers away from my house. I go to CrossFit so I always have a... Read more

The Common Space is the Best Coworking Space inside BF Parañaque

This is my second time renting for a longer term at the Common Space. The first one was from a year ago during summer. Summer is pretty hot in the Philippines and unfortunately, my small air conditioner in the room won’t do. The Common Space has: a friendly staff fast internet cold air conditioners the owner responds to the facebook... Read more

Carnivore Snacks in the Supermarket

You can go to the supermarket if you want a fresh carnivore snack. I usually get this or the Sangyupsal cuts. But this isn’t so bad. My favorite fresh beef are from the Farm Organics. Take a good look at the meat first. If it’s dark red, and it doesn’t look dyed or something, go for it. Observe the crew. Sometimes they process beef and po... Read more

Carpe Diem in BF Homes is Great if You Work From Anywhere

Carpe Diem in BF Homes has fast internet. Before renting at the Common Space, I go there if I need to finish some work that requires a fast connection. The staff are friendly. The coffee is always beautiful. I always order the Curry. It’s 250ish and tastes really good. Good enough to be a cheat meal. Salted egg french fries are also good e... Read more

Izakaya Kikufuji Serves level 99 California Maki

I go to Izakaya Kikufuji for their generous serving of salmon sashimi. They are mostly known for the Special California Maki. The special California Maki is like taking the humble California Maki to level 99. It has almost exactly the same ingredients but you get larger mangoes, topped with spicy tuna sashimi and salmon roe. Salmon roe pops ... Read more

Brunch Serves Comfort Food Outside Tahanan Village

Brooklyn Pizza outside of Tahanan village in BF Parañaque is dead. The establishment that replaced it is called Brunch. The idea behind it is brunch gives you an excuse to eat anything you want. They have breakfast and lunch like meals. What you may like: Affordable, good meals. Somewhat keto friendly selection. What you may not like: Th... Read more

Serye is Open After 9pm and has Keto Friendly Meals

SM BF closes at 9pm so we walked to Santana Grove to find a place to eat. Serye opens till ten thirty. If you get in at ten pm, you’ll comfortably join the last call for orders. I’m now aware that coming in late in a restaurant insisting to be serviced means overtime work for the staff. It can also mean unpaid overtime if they’re working in ... Read more

Keto Grocery list Manila

This is a list of what I buy from the grocery including the price whenever I’m on the Ketogenic diet. Here’s the ingredient list: Butter anchor 150 400g ground beef 120 200g Beef strips or Yakinu 120 Half chicken 100 Dozen eggs 80 Japanese mayonnaise 80 Onions 12 Tomato paste 23 Lettuce 35 720 total Meal plan: Chicke... Read more

End of Game of Thrones Reaction

We read/listen to stories because deep inside we are looking for clues on how we can live our lives in a world full of uncertainty. Some parents taught us Bible stories because they want to be good and obedient. We followed the Marvel Comic book stories because we like the idea that despite what disadvantages we have, we’ll discover a superpow... Read more

Join a CrossFit WOD Three Times a Week

CrossFit is most beneficial when done consistently. If you’re new, committing to five days a week can be overwhelming and if you need to lose a lot of weight, discouraging. I found that three is the perfect number. After attending CrossFit class three times a week, I was able to attend consistently for about four years already. The owner of ... Read more


When I was younger, I developed the terrible of habit of asking professional friends and friends who own businesses to provide their products and/or services to me at the lowest possible rates. POISONOUS WAY TO DO BUSINESS I would sometimes go out of my way and ask around friends who know anyone who owns a company or service provider for what ... Read more

What to Bring to CrossFit for Beginners

If you’re new to CrossFit and don’t know what to bring here’s a really short list. 1. Water I typically use between 500ml to a full liter of water. If I’m packing light, I only bring 500ml and buy the rest at the CrossFit box. 2. Change of Clothes If you’re heading out and going home immediately after your workout you may only want a change ... Read more