How To Slowly Start A Meat Based Diet

My favorite minimalist lifestyle writer wrote a guide for people who want to explore a vegetable based diet. While I don’t agree what he eats, his approach is how I transitioned from a standard diet to an all meat diet. So I copied his advice and replaced all the vegetables with meat. Here goes. The Weekly Mini-Challenges Here are the mini-ch... Read more

Eighteen Reason You'll Love PR City CrossFit

PR City CrossFit is the best CrossFit gym inside BF Homes Parañaque. Since 2015, I have been enrolling in a CrossFit gym and joining CrossFit workouts. I admit I’m not consistent. Life happens. And in the past few years, death, hospitalizations and financial issues have prevented me from going a full year of doing CrossFit. But every year I... Read more

Ralph and I Joined the 2019 Alabang Hills Fun Run

It was his first time to join. 5k was tough for him. We ended up walking and speeding up every chance we got. I really wanted to go for it but didn’t want to leave my friend. I made that mistake in the Sun Life bike race and went after it, chasing the sprinters and finishing a few minutes behind Piolo Pascual. The guy who won finished 5k in... Read more

Dangerous Downside of the Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet’s downside left me dumbfounded. If you’ve been following my story, I attempted the Carnivore Diet back in September 2018. Read my story here I started with an All Beef Diet. I started with Canned food sources for convenience. Then I moved to local cafeteria for my food source. A little improvement is way better than no i... Read more

I go to Alabang Public Market to Eat Raw Liver

I also buy heart. I’m on my way to Quezon City for a meeting. I stayed with family members in Alabang the night before. I didn’t want to bother anyone so I left as soon as I woke up. As I’m walking to the bus stop I got hungry. A few months back I tried an all beef diet. Then I got curious about a Facebook group that I joined. There were ... Read more

Ten Things I Learned From Biking

Last weekend, after consistently trying to convince myself to buy a bike and to not buy a bike I decided to put my decision in favor of the opposite of where my fear was trying to take me. I decided to buy a bike. Buying and using the bike in the Philippines can be a little scary. It is terrifying because filipino bus drivers can turn bikers int... Read more

Keto Shortcuts

I created a list called Keto shortcuts. It’s a list of meals that I eat whenever I’m on a Ketogenic diet. That way I no longer need to think about what to eat. I just look at the list and pick one. Or I ask Google to give me a random number and pick the dish the number lands on. Broccoli soup Pumpkin soup Boiled eggs Scrambled eggs Stir... Read more

Exercise Movements

Air squats Push ups Burpees Situps Leg raise Planks Side planks Pull ups Squat jumps Read more

Bike Tools

Bike Tools tire tube tire lever multi tool wrench pair of surgical gloves wet wipes Read more

Mobility Checklist

Wall Heel Cord Couch Stretch Squat Stretch Cossack Squat Lunge Stretch Elbow to Ground Vertical Horizontal Spider Man Sequence Clockwise Counter Clockwise Pigeon Pose Forward ... Read more

My Menu

My Menu June 9, 2014 Eggs and omelettes Salads Lentil salad Arugula avocado Roma Ceviche Greek salad Lemon carot cabbage Jamie Oliver inspired carrot cucumber tomato lettuce watercress Potato salad topped with pancetta Apple almond watercress Entree Osso bucco Pan fried salmon Steak on broccoli rice Chili con carne C... Read more

What's in my Backpack

What’s in my backpack? My laptop. My phones. A bag organizer. Pocket wifi. My wallet. A multi-tool. Some pens. A pad. A water bottle or tumbler. Some salt. Disposable plastic spoon and forks. Some alcohol. Some cologne. Small flashlight. A change of clothes for a short trip or a change of clothes for the gym. A slot for two or th... Read more