Two Weeks of Carnivore Diet in the Philippines

I’ve tried the Ketogenic diet with some success the past few years. I’ve cut my waist line from 39 to 34 inches. Here’s the problem, the ketogenic diet is very difficult to follow for me. I stay on Keto for a few months and go back to a regular Filipino Diet of rice and ulam. I’ve explored the carnivore diet or the “all-meat diet” out of cur... Read more

September 2018 Grocery List

Protein Source: Korean Beef Chicken Thighs Chicken Liver Canned Tuna Vegetables: Lettuce Cabbage Carrots Fat Source: Butter Cream Cheese Olive Oil Japanese Mayonaise Heavy Cream Extras: Sinigang Mix Salt Tomato Paste ChocNut for Mom Canned Goods: Tuna Non Food: Bug Spray Sponge Dish Soap Laun... Read more

Top Three Funeral Service Providers in Quezon City 2018

There was a recent death in the family and I’m assigned to canvass for service providers. I went online to search for providers. Here are the three that I found. Note: These rates are from June 2018. Here are some notes about the service providers that we considered: Since the Philippines is a dominantly Catholic country, we wanted to make ... Read more

Simple Ketogenic Meal Ideas in Manila

Here are some meal ideas. Ground beef stir fry in tomato sauce and onions. Stir fry groundbeef and add salt, pepper, chopped onions and once you are satisfied with the doneness, mix in tomato sauce or paste. Lettuce and Japanese mayo. Wash lettuce, add Japanese Mayo. Meat dish. Locally known as “Ulam”. Most Filipino Meat dish is good as lo... Read more

Buy Patty Arroyo's Art

I’m a big fan of supporting local artists. My comicbook artist friend Michael Urbano recommended I check out the art of Patty Arroyo and I loved her work after browsing through a few photos. I even requested a Deadpool and she made it too. She’s a good person. She even gave me some drawing tips when I was starting out. I try my best to visit... Read more

SGM Intensity Review

I got my SGM Intensity at Quiapo. The SGM intensity is moderately heavy. SGM Intensity is a entry level bike with entry level specifications. I got mine for about Php 6,500. My best friend also has one. A common issue is the crank will fall off. We discovered that because we know four people who owned this and experienced the same issue. ... Read more

How to Get Ketogenic Diet Meals Eating Out in the Philippines

One challenge of the ketogenic diet is eating out. Filipinos love rice and eating rice is expected. It’s going to take a little trial and error but with a little patience you can get used to eating out in the Philippines on a Ketogenic diet. Here are some tips and suggestions to eating out and following the rules of the ketogenic diet in the ... Read more

Bike to Calamba

I rode my bike to Calamba. To meetup with a stranger and purchase an anime figure. Had pork chop at Tudings for Lunch. Took a long break at a gas station on the way back. Also ate from this unusual but popular pancit house. Read more

My Experieince Building and Riding My Fixed Gear Bike

I finally pulled the trigger. After my bike trip to Subic. I have been fascinated with a rider in our group who used a fixed gear bike. He usually gets to lead at the front of the pack. But he is easily able to slow down to check on people who are left behind and has assisted me many times. . I’m the guy in the orange helmet and the fixed ... Read more

Financial Obstacles to CrossFit in the Philippines

CrossFit is expensive. I always find myself hesitating whenever I look at the cost. To give you a better illustration of how CrossFit may impact one’s finances, here are examples of expenses that costs about the same as a monthly CrossFit membership. It’s the equivalent of one month of public transportation costs to and from the office. I... Read more

WOD From Home

Sometimes I can’t go to the gym because I have work or other commitments so I try to work out at home. The other reason is I spend a lot of time browsing for cool CrossFit gear, bike and other fitness toys. Every now and then I splurge on a fitness toy but the truth is it’s just stuck here at the house collecting dust. So I made a promise to m... Read more

Habits That Support the Law of Attraction

It’s been twelve years since I first encountered “The Secret” and got introduced to the “Law of Attraction” I was able to accomplish, some would argue, attract a lot of things that I want into my life. Here are some habits that I developed that made my use of the law of attraction effortless in my life. Gratitude The most effective way to br... Read more