Introduction to Archery Supplies

Archery Supplies can be confusing If you’re new and selecting the correct one can mean the difference between a successful and a non successful practice. We’ll walk you through the basic archery supplies you’ll need to get started and at the same time provide you with some information. We recommend having a small notebook handy as you do your ... Read more

Highlights of the Vatican Museum

  The Vatican Museum highlights access to rich, historic art and extensive collections of sculptors and paintings. Be sure to get your tickets early and arrive early. It will take you about four to five hours to see everything. You’ll walk through a total of fourteen and a half kilometers of art. Here are some key highlights I’m sure you’ll ... Read more

Where to buy lentils in the Philippines

Lentils are my staple for the slow carb diet. I find it difficult to find them. So I take note of where I can get them. I prefer buying Dry lentils. They cook quickly and are easy to store. They are also cheaper than the canned variants. I previously bought mine from Shopwise. After a year they stopped selling it. They only have the canned lenti... Read more

Don't leave your bike at SM

Don’t leave your bike at SM. It is the worst place to leave your bike. My bike got stolen there. It was chained and parked in front of the guard. The guard just said they didn’t see anything. It was stolen and the Mall of Asia bike parking. Previously my bike lights got stolen. This happened in SM Bicutan. This also happened in front of ... Read more

Tips on How to Secure Your Bike

I enjoy taking my bike places. It’s a way for me to travel around the city without spending money on transportation costs. I often come home at night with my lights on and a smile on my face knowing that I saved money on transportation and had a workout at the same time.   One day I left my bike at SM Bicutan.  When I came back my lights were m... Read more

Giant FD806 Folding Bike Review

The Giant FD 806 is most affordable built bike offered by Giant in the Philippines. I got the Giant FD 806 folding bike as an impulse buy. I wanted a folding bike so I can go bi-modal for my Parañaque to Makati commute. That means I’ll take the bike from the house to the bus stop. I’ll take a bus to get from Parañaque to Makati. Take the bi... Read more

Best Metro Manila Siopao Guide

I like Siopao. It’s bread and meat. It’s a good snack. Siopao can be a meal replacement if I’m in a rush or I need a quick bite while traveling. I often find myself buying Siopao whenever I’m hungry. In the past week I got to try North Park’s Asado Siopao. It’s the best 68 pesos I’ve ever spent. The bread is soft, the sauce is amazing and it’s... Read more

Ketogenic Pork Sinigang

I’m from the Philippines and I’m having trouble implementing the slow carb diet and the Ketogenic diet. I’m experimenting ketogenic friendly meals. This week I’m testing the sustainability of pork sinigang as a meal. Ingredients Pork cubes or belly. Raddish Onions Tamarind Spinach instead of Kang Kong Cook the meat with the Tamarind and ... Read more

Note Restaurant You Want To Try in Your Phone

My friend encounter all these nice places to visit for a food trip. Often after a meal we pass by this place and any yeah let’s eat there next time but every time we are trying to decide where we want to eat we are often stuck and spend thirty minutes to an hour trying to decide where to go. These days I keep a text file on my phone when I writ... Read more

First Day of Using Grab Car

This post has no photos. I haven’t gotten around to using grab car until a couple of Sundays ago. It came in highly recommend by friends who take it all the time. Because I was running late to my friend’s event I decided to give it a shot. It was a trip from Robinsons pioneer to somewhere in Pasig. I got a ride in less than five minutes. The ... Read more

Travel Lighter

If you travel often, the most common complaint would be the weight that you carry. I hate carrying a lot of things. I often use way less than I bring. I love traveling but I hate the stress I get from the heavy weight I have to carry around. I have a few of places I travel to often. I have two friends I visit often outside the city. I often... Read more

How To Make Baked Oreo Cheesecakes

A couple of years ago, I set out to learn how to cook. I started reading the Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss and eventually watch every video I could find of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Chef Steps. Every payday people at work buy this cheesecake dish from me and it makes a good gift if you’re on a budget or don’t know what a... Read more