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I feel so naive for believing that contracts and agreements are done in good faith. There are times however that it is not the case. I recently wrote a post about being taken advantaged of people I worked or bought from. I however never posted them because I made a Promise to Never Complain. Earlier I saw a blogger who posted an article that resulted in action. I wonder if it would be the same case for me. Would people be good enough to help me get my money back?

Or would certain wrongs go by unnoticed? Should I also blog about people who owe me money so they would pay me back?

I originally created an anonymous post and published it on an anonymous blog.


Here’s what I wrote:

Jessica Tinampay Bedspace Swindler

Known Name: Jessica Tinampay often goes by Jessica only

Status: At Large

Age: 43 (estimate)

Appearance: Typical 43 year old Chinese looking lady. Petite with long hair. Looks harmless.

Base of Operation: Unit 11i 11th floor Anaheim Tower 3 California Garden Square Libertad Street Mandaluyong City

Other Areas of Operation: Unit 9jk 9th floor Anaheim Tower 2 California Garden Square Libertad Street Mandaluyong City

10th or 11th floor Burbank Tower 3 California Garden Square Libertad Street Mandaluyong City

Many Other units In California Garden Condominiums in Mandaluyong

Her Story:

Jessica Tinampay is an IT/Programmer in her previous work at Accenture and a Meralco Subsidiary. For an unknown reason she suddenly has some money to purchase a few condo’s in California Garden Square. She says she has help from her foreign boyfriend from abroad.

She bought condos and have them rented out as bedspace or in roop and full condo packages.

Her Operations: 2,500php per month non airconditioning bedspace 6 people in a room. 3,000 per month bedspace 4 people in a room with bathroom. 4,000 php per month 4 people in a room with air conditioning. 6,000 Solo room without Aircon. 9,000 Solo Room without Aircon. Small Laundry Operation (No Business Permit)

Modus Operandi for Swindling: The terms are for 1 year 1 month advance and 1 month deposit. For Any reason that you can’t continue your rent, even if you beg her, have a critical emergency you are no longer entitled to use your deposit or refund it. If you persist on trying to get your money back she will say okay to you and tell you that you have to vacate the space immediately and return the keys. If you comply she will simply say thank you for cooperating but she will not return your money.

The person who reported her operation to Pinoy Scammers Took the case to the local barangay court and she took advantage of the fact that barangay officers of Barangay Highway Hills have California Garden Square out of their jurisdiction and Perhaps she bribed them because the money was never returned. The Barangay official simply said that since the 1 year contract lacked 1 month to complete then it is optional for Ms. Jessica Tinampay to return the money.

Please be very careful when approaching. She is very skilled at manipulating people and often using the phrase “people are always taking advantage of my goodness” username





# +63917-8576929  # 788-8763      


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