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What's in my Backpack

What's in my Backpack
What’s in my backpack? Read

Two Weeks of Carnivore...

Two Weeks of Carnivore Diet in the Philippines
I’ve tried the Ketogenic diet with some success the past few years. Read

Top Three Funeral Serv...

Philippine Island Living
There was a recent death in the family and I’m assigned to canvass for service providers. Read

Simple Ketogenic Meal ...

Simple Ketogenic Meal Ideas in Manila
Here are some meal ideas. Read

Buy Patty Arroyo's Art

Buy Patty Arroyo's Art
I’m a big fan of supporting local artists. Read

SGM Intensity Review

SGM Intensity Review
I got my SGM Intensity at Quiapo. Read

How to Get Ketogenic D...

How to Get Ketogenic Diet Meals Eating Out in the Philippines
One challenge of the ketogenic diet is eating out. Read

Introduction to Archer...

Philippine Island Living
Archery Supplies can be confusing If you’re new and selecting the correct one can mean the difference between a successful and a non successful practice.We’l... Read

Highlights of the Vati...

Philippine Island Living
 The Vatican Museum highlights access to rich, historic art and extensive collections of sculptors and paintings. Be sure to get your tickets early and arriv... Read

Where to buy lentils i...

Where to buy lentils in the Philippines
Lentils are my staple for the slow carb diet. I find it difficult to find them. So I take note of where I can get them. I prefer buying Dry lentils. They coo... Read

Don't leave your bike ...

Don't leave your bike at SM
Don’t leave your bike at SM.It is the worst place to leave your bike.My bike got stolen there.It was chained and parked in front of the guard.The guard just ... Read