Ketogenic Pork Sinigang

Ketogenic Pork Sinigang
I’m from the Philippines and I’m having trouble implementing the slow carb diet and the Ketogenic diet. I’m experimenting ketogenic friendly meals. Read

Note Restaurant You Wa...

Note Restaurant You Want To Try in Your Phone
My friend encounter all these nice places to visit for a food trip. Often after a meal we pass by this place and any yeah let’s eat there next time but every... Read

First Day of Using Gra...

Philippine Island Living
This post has no photos. I haven’t gotten around to using grab car until a couple of Sundays ago. It came in highly recommend by friends who take it all the ... Read

Travel Lighter

Travel Lighter
If you travel often, the most common complaint would be the weight that you carry.I hate carrying a lot of things.I often use way less than I bring.I love tr... Read

How To Make Baked Oreo...

How To Make Baked Oreo Cheesecakes
A couple of years ago, I set out to learn how to cook. I started reading the Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss and eventually watch every video I could find of G... Read

Challenges to Cycling ...

Challenges to Cycling in Manila
I’ve been cycling from Paranaque to Makati a couple of times a week. Sometimes everyday. I’m often motivated to take action because I have complaints about w... Read

Problems You Might Enc...

Problems You Might Encounter Biking to Work from Sucat to Makati and Solutions I came up with
In the beginning I had a difficult time biking from home to work and work to home. I live in Sucat and I work in Makati. I found it difficult at first but af... Read

Things I Wish I Knew A...

Philippine Island Living
In case you don’t know, I bought a bike. Not just any bike. I’m on my third bike. My first bike was a cheap started bike. My second bike was a folding bike s... Read

Consider Buying Kitche...

Philippine Island Living
I’m not really a chef or had any training in the culinary arts. Read

Budget Trip to Tagaytay

Philippine Island Living
I’ve been working seven days a week straight for a few months now.I had one rest day and will have to go on another six day workweek marathon.I was trying to... Read

How I Ended Up Beating...

Philippine Island Living
The post is written by Kevin Olega follow him on twitter. Read

A Visit to the La Mesa...

A Visit to the La Mesa Eco Park and Meeting the Philippine Animal Rescue Team
A few months ago, I got invited by Euna to an event with the Philippine Animal Rescue Team. Read