What happened to the UPS 5 Bike Thief?

This article is about the UPS 5 bike thief. The events transpired November 20, 2021. This is an ongoing story. We will post updates on the development. Waypoints and Timestamps The perpetrators entered through the exit side of the main gate near Alfamart at 1:05 pm. They entered 9th street at around 1:10 pm. The perpetrators and left... Read more

Bike Thief

What happened to the UPS 5 Bike Thief?This article is about the UPS 5 bike thief. The events transpired November 20, 2021. This is an ongoing story. I will post updates on the development. Missing Nokia Mobile Phone Fixed Gear Bike worth approximately ₱40,000. Other Facts Three witnesses from the compound have seen The perpetrator en... Read more

How to Convert Your CrossFit Shoes to Barefoot Shoes

I’ve been wearing Reebok Nanos 2, 4, 6, and 8. I also started wearing Metcon 2’s recently. I’ve used my shoes for workouts. I’ve also used my shoes for walking around and going out. I noticed that my feet hurt when I’ve walked for over three hours. One day, I decided to take out the soles and tried my CrossFit shoes on. Both my Metcon 2 an... Read more

Getting Hooked on Crack Pie

This review will likely get me in trouble. My friend from the gym transformed into a professional chef a few months ago. I saw him put together top-tier meals that you’d only see from a decorated Michelin-star chef. I saw picture-perfect French macaroons. I saw beautiful waffles paired with duck and foie gras. I saw pasta dishes made with a... Read more


Barangay officers entered our village and attempted to give me a ticket and get my car towed. I live in a compound and we have a new neighbor who just moved in so our shared parking/driveway isn’t in an optimal condition for everybody to park their cars in. There are boxes and unpacked items outside. There’s also Covid-19 to consider. Keepin... Read more


I found myself busy with work these days. An eatery opened near our place. They sell rice for ₱10. They sell most meals for ₱50. I bought some pork adobo ₱50 and rice ₱10. I spent ₱60. The eatery gives a generous serving but I eat a lot. I scrambled and fried two eggs. At the time of this writing, a dozen eggs cost ₱110. Scrambling and ... Read more

Franken Plates Available at Barbel Medic

I like buying pre-owned stuff for the novelty. The fact that the item belonged to a previous owner makes me feel that the item has more character. I’m a little superstitious. I somehow believe that I absorb some of the positive traits of the previous owner. When I was younger, I often asked my boss if they’re selling their old phone or compu... Read more

Learn Yaw-Yan, the Deadliest Filipino Martial Art

Yaw-Yan is a Filipino form of Kick Boxing. I first heard about Yaw-Yan in 2002. I was in college at the time. My friends told me that it’s one of the deadliest Filipino martial arts. I got so excited that I decided to investigate. I became a big fan shortly after. Yaw-Yan is a form of kickboxing. Kickboxing is a general term. Practitione... Read more

How to Turn Your Bike into an Income Source

I originally got my bicycle for the purpose of bike commuting. I tried to bike from Parañaque to Makati and failed after a couple of months. I was working in a call center so I’m a little sleep deprived. I was also a member of a CrossFit gym at the time and the workouts were exhausting. Prior to participating in fitness activities, I was an ... Read more

How I Eat Out for Carnivore Diet

Who says it’s difficult to eat out when you’re eating health (Keto, Paleo, Carnivore)? Actually a lot of people. Myself included. So after spending some time thinking of the solution, here’s what I came up with. Carnivore Food Heirarchy From most filling to least filling. Beef Lamb Pork Chicken Fish Basic Rules Don’t drink... Read more

Dayrit's Roast Beef and Corned Beef

Dayrit’s sells the best banana cake on the planet. I always wanted to eat here but I keep getting into a situation where had to eat somewhere else. We both ordered the roast beef. It’s really good. Even if you don’t eat the rice and the potato, the amount of roastbeef that you get for 380 is pretty good. I also tried the corned beef. I li... Read more

Carnivore Diet Links

This is my personal reference of Carnivore Diet links. There’s a lot of carnivore diet references. Jordan Peterson’s Story on How The Carnivore Diet Helped Him with Depression Jordan Peterson’s Interview About The Carnivore Diet. Why the Carnivore Diet Works Why Carnivore Diet Works Okinawa Study - Japanese Longevity Vegans are misreprese... Read more