Retirement in the Philippines

[caption id=”attachment_856” align=”alignnone” width=”640” caption=”This place is somewhere I want to be many years from now.”][/caption] Retirement in the Philippines At the time of this writing I’m 26 years old. I’m single and I’m looking for ways to support myself outside of formal employment. I hope to get married and retire in the Philipp... Read more

Relax with a Boracay Lamp From Baclaran

I’m currently enjoying my large Boracay Lamp. I got one recently for the relaxing effect and mostly because I’m tired of the usual fluorescent light at work and the super bright white light at home. I got mine really cheap for 350. The nice old lady from baclaran sells the huge ones for 400 but gave me gift bucks as a discount. I was with Kat... Read more

What is a Rice Meal

Rice meals are the most common available foods when eating out in the Philippines. Almost all cafeterias, canteens, eateries, fast foods and restaurants serve rice meals. A rice meal contains rice as the staple and ulam (the main dish). Rice meals are often served in canteens, cafeterias, and fast foods as a rice bowl or rice toppings or on a ... Read more

Take the MGP bus if you live in Sucat for added convenience

If you live in Sucat a good option to get to EDSA is to use the MGP bus. The MGP bus is an ordinary “non-airconditioned” bus that runs from Sucat to Fairview. It’s pick up an drop off point in Sucat is between Goodwill 2 and Caltex in front of Loyola Memorial Park. The MGP bus seem to be the preferred bus of people who live in Sucat because... Read more

Tagaytay Nuvali Birthday Broke Travel Adventure

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”640” caption=”Bartolina's Famous Birthday Spaghetti”][/caption] Broke Travel Adventures: My Birthday Celebration. Here’s the story on how I got the idea for Broke Travel Adventures: I celebrated my birthday last October eating at the canteen, having a FaceTime session and feasting on Sean’s home-made spag... Read more

How To Get Free Seats at MRT and Busses

When you live in the Philippines and you have no car and will be taking public transpiration it’s usually a hassle to find seats during rush hour. I almost always get seats in the MRT or in a bus. Here’s a quick trick I use to find free seats. In most cases, people don’t pack themselves tightly enough to accommodate more people so to almost ... Read more

Baguio Broke Travel Adventure

In the past, I wrote about an idea to start broke travel adventures. Although I currently have no plans to be a full time travel blogger or food blogger. Here’s one of the stories from one of my trips. Baguio Broke Travel Adventure My workmate’s wedding was held in Baguio and it was my first time to go there so I decided not to pass the oppor... Read more

How to Avoid Being Broke Because of iPhone

I met a lot of friends who were super excited when the iPhone came out. Unfortunately as soon as they made the purchase they became short on cash because a lot of them paid an arm or a leg and in some cases both to get one. The typical Filipino worker earns an average of 15,000php - 35,000 php per month and if you spent 40,000php for an iPhone... Read more

Use Sealed Containers For Better Tea

Tea affects its environment. The thin is the environment also affects tea. If you’ve ever left tea in the cupboard only to find it smelling like soap or coffee or something else. Likewise your cupboard may start smelling like tea. Bread and noodles tasting like tea doesn’t sound like a good idea. Here’s a quick tip. Put your tea in a sealed ... Read more

Unstuck Yourself With Broke Travel Adventures

For the longest time I wanted to travel. I’ve been stuck around places I’ve been comfortable in it’s embarasing that I never got to really do so. When I asked myself why, I learned that all my reasons are just excuses and I ended up begining anyway. The bottomline was I was just too lazy and scared (of nothing really) to give it a shot. I u... Read more

Travel Lighter With Small Microfiber Towels

Here’s a travel tip I discovered by accident: A few days ago I had a sleepover at a friend’s place. I came from the office and know that I’ll be going straight to in the morning. I packed one regular face towel and two small (face towel sized) microfiber towels. When I took a shower in the morning I pulled out a microfiber towel and to my sur... Read more

Pick The Smaller Home Option For Extra Cash

Pick a smaller place than you think to save money and make the most of it. If you want to rent a house, consider an appartment. If you want an appartment consider a condo. If you want a condo, consider a studio. If you want a studio consider a room. If you want a room consider room sharing or bedspace. The only reason I’m getting a place t... Read more