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Save Money By Eating in a Carinderya

Eateries, Canteen’s and Cafeterias are commonly called Carinderya in the Philippines. If you work in the city and you have no access to a kitchen or have no time to prepare your food, you got to get your food from somewhere. You can get a microwavable food at a convenience store like a MiniStop or a 711 or a fastfood or a restaurant. If you’r... Read more

Hana Yo Is My New Korean Food Spot at BF Paranaque

Hanna Yo is a Korean restaurant in BF Paranaque that serves Korean cuisine and Japanese Cutlet. I don’t recall eating at a good Korean restaurant. The only memory I have of Korean food is from the time I ordered Korean beef at a food court and not liking it. The only time I remember wanting Korean food was when I saw a TV feature on a “Tradit... Read more

How I Shop at Ukay Ukay

Photo credit It usually takes me a trip to five different stores to find something I really like at an ukay ukay. -Kevin Olega I got a lot of my work clothes from a local thrift store, commonly known as an ukay ukay. I’m a guy and my experience involves buying bags, coats and jackets or long sleeved work shirts from ukay ukays. In the Philipp... Read more

Majayjay Falls and the Town of Liliw Broke Travel Adventures

During out Broke Travel Adventure in Tagaytay, Kaye and Mau discussed plans for travel. Oh boy, looks like I put another roadtrip team together. They discussed their ideas of travel as Kay, Ralph, Gwen and I listened. Mau and Kaye were really intent on having another trip. Different options came out. Including staying at a tent in Majayjay, Bora... Read more

Sushi Boi Will Satisfy Tuna Sashimi Cravings For Less

In a previous post I wrote about how Zagu changed my mood. What made my week was this part of the night. I haven’t had tuna sashimi in a while and I don’t have a lot of friends who don’t enjoy this meal because they find it too exotic. Good thing for me, Sean was just getting off from work and I was in the area. There are a lot of Japanese rest... Read more

Zagu Makes Me Feel Good When Im Down

I was feeling pretty down the past few weeks and if you’ve been following the updates on my other blog minimal changes you’ll know why. With all the drama in the past few weeks I decided to give myself a break and go for Ivy’s advice and get myself a nice serving of tuna sashimi. While waiting for Sean and getting a bit thirsty Zagu’s sig... Read more

Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen Alabang Town Center Chinese New Year Grand Opening

For a long time, my only experience with Vietnamese cuisine has been from LJ’s sister who made us spring rolls with noodles in it and from Pho Hoa where I usually only get their Noodle Dish and as a result whenever I think about Vietnamese Cuisine, I only think of noodles. I recently got invited to spend my Chinese New Year Dinner at the open... Read more

Pancit Malabon Made

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Le Gourmet Is My Secret Snack Spot At Shopwise

This is one of my (and my mom’s) favorite spots to enjoy good food. This is seemingly invisible place in the middle of Shopwise Sucat, just between the meat and vegetables section. Le Gourmet is a deli, a coffee spot, a sort of sandwich shop and a salad bar all rolled into one. It’s the kind of place where you can get food that’s served in ups... Read more

Tuor Lousoy Chicken

Tuor’s Lousoy Chicken? You say? Is that a mutant from a horror movie because it sounds like it. Long story short, a few months ago Ralph brought me to a place called Tuor’s Chinese Cuisine and ordered Lousoy Chicken. It’s a deep fried quarter chicken meal for Php 70 it comes with Chinese fried rice soup and a wide variety of sauces and gravy. It... Read more

Enjoy Twenty Peso Bibinkas From Bibinkinitan

Get the softest moistest bibinka for under 20php at Bininkinitan. For the longest time, I’ve been seeing the food stall of Bibinkinitan and for the longest time I’ve been ignoring it. My relationship with bibinka is pretty neutral. I don’t particularly crelave for it nor do I crave for it. So so as others might call it. Recently, our family ... Read more